America Rewards Families of Terrorists Who Murdered Americans

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You probably knew that there was a conflict between Palestine and Israel.  You probably knew that Palestineans have regularly committed acts of terrorism against the Jews in Israel.  You might have heard about stabbings in Israel of Jews by Palestineans.  Just yesterday there was such an attack.

Yesterday was also the two year anniversary of the stabbing in Israel of several victims including Taylor Force, an American, on vacation in Israel.

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Representative Doug Lamborn (CO-05) released the following statement regarding the anniversary of the death of Taylor Force:

“March 8 marks a heartbreaking anniversary. Taylor Force, a young American veteran, was tragically murdered two years ago while visiting Israel at the hands of a Palestinian terrorist. Yesterday, his father Stuart bravely shared their family’s story on Capitol Hill. We stand with the Force family in their sorrow, especially today. That’s why I authored the Taylor Force Act, which would stop U.S. taxpayer funding to the Palestinian Authority until they no longer reward terrorists for terrible crimes like this. We cannot keep sending foreign aid to an entity that celebrates terrorism like Taylor’s murder. I urge the Senate to swiftly provide this legislation with a vote on the floor.”


The Hamas terror group released a statement praising the attacks as “heroic operations.”  “Hamas celebrates the martyrs that have ascended through these operations, and confirms that their pure blood will, God willing, be the fuel for escalating the intifada,” the group wrote on its website.

Twenty-nine Israelis and three foreign nationals have been killed in a wave of Palestinian terrorism and violence since October. Nearly 170 Palestinians have also been killed, some two-thirds of them while attacking Israelis, and the rest during clashes with troops, according to the Israeli army.

Taylor Force was a US army veteran who graduated from West Point Military Academy in 2009 and served as a field artillery officer from 2009-2014 at Fort Hood. He was also a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, he was in Israel on a school program with his wife.  Taylor was killed in the horrific attack and his wife was seriously injured.

The Palestinians have a reward program for terrorism committed in Israel and Taylor was a victim,” said Taylor’s father, Stuart.

He, along with his wife Robbi, daughter Kristen and Taylor’s friends, spent the day meeting more than half a dozen senators from both sides of the political aisle.

“The American public needs to be aware of what’s going on and yes, Taylor, I think would appreciate what has been done,” noted Robbi. “It is bipartisan, it’s not political, and it should be bipartisan. It needs to change.”

Their goal is Senate approval of legislation that would stop the money that goes to pay Palestinian terrorists, and the bill is named for Taylor. Authorities indicate that the family of the terrorist is now being paid from Palestinian Authority’s funds because he murdered Taylor and attacked the others.

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Palestineans teach their children to kill Jews.  Worse yet, the Palestineans use a sliding scale to reward the families of terrorists.  The longer the jail sentence, the greater the reward. The highest payments go to those serving life sentences, and to the families of those who kill the most people.

On November 15, 2017 the US House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed the Taylor Force Act, legislation that would cut US funding to the Palestinian Authority unless it discontinues its practice of paying monthly stipends to the families of terrorists who kill Israelis.  Since 2003, it has been Palestinian law to reward Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails with a monthly paycheck,” the House foreign affairs panel chairman Ed Royce said in a statement. “Palestinian leadership also pays the families of Palestinian prisoners and suicide bombers. These policies incentivize terrorism.”

On December 5, 2017  the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1164, the Taylor Force Act.

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The bill is still pending in the Senate.  Please contact your Senator and indicate your support and passion for the passage of this bill.  We may not be able to stop terrorism in the world, but we must stop funding it!

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  1. This is part of larger issues, the whole Middle East mess, racism, and religious intolerance. Jews are taking hits on multiple fronts. Zionist leaders, like Netahyahu, ignore the repercussions of their political activities and leave the religious communities as soft targets for terrorism all over the world. They can’t protect Jews who live outside of Israel. It’s only a matter of time before the terrorists move into Europe and America and target Jewish gatherings.

    It’s only a matter of time before our Anti Semite leader in the White House sheds his pro Israel act and shows his true white nationalist colors. He set up his Jewish son in law for failure by dumping impossible tasks on him. Now he has Kushner trying to work without a security clearance, a proverbial one armed wallpaper hanger. 45 has totally ignored the white groups targeting, immigrants and people of color.

    We can’t protect Jews in Palestine, but we can protect them here by identifying and calling out people who promote prejudice and genocide.


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