Stephen Colbert’s Break Down of Sam Nunberg’s Breakdown

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  1. Well boys and girls it is another week of lots of real information, disinformation, misinformation, deinformation, noinformation and media of your choice. So whom do we trust and believe? For 10yrs I have come here, immoral minority, palmer reports, msnbc, abc, cbs and watch Rachel maddow and lawerence oddonell. Today Our Country is attacked by the swamp of KGB operatives controlling a useful idiot “trump”. Our communication and infrastructure network has been attacked by them. According to some “Sinclair group” will be behind ads combating fake news beginning at end of month of march. Can we trust Sinclair? some say NO, they are corrupt and behind the fake news network and fox no news. They are the enemy according to some trusted journalist. Malia? what do you think?


    1. 4usa,
      I think Trump has created the notion of “fake News”. While obviously there are channels that report the news according to their point of view, you can bet someone will report the opposing side. Trump simply uses that excuse every time he’s caught in a lie. The video tapes shown on the news don’t lie.


  2. Nunberg’s behavior was a great visual of the 45’s cult mentality being deprogrammed. Nunberg started the day full of the 45 Narcissism and self inflated ego, but made the mistake of confronting intelligent journalists. Somehow his humanity picked up the verbal and non verbal clues, and reality set in. To me it was an amazing visual, like a cult victim being deprogrammed.

    As far as fake news, who is selling chaos, paranoia, and negativity toward different types of people, keeping the masses living in fear? The Bible says those are Satan’s tools. Christians and other Bible thumpers using false and alternate truths to do Satan’s work.

    Personally I see a higher intelligence, The Universe, at work trying to purge an organism, humanity, that is destroying planet Earth.


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