Stormy Daniels’ Message to Trump: “Karma Will Always Bite You in the Ass.”

An email from Clifford’s lawyer, Keith Davidson, on October 17, 2016, shows Clifford’s lawyer threatening to end the nondisclosure deal. At that point, the payment had not arrived, the newspaper said.  Shortly after, a second email to Cohen from Davidson obtained by the newspaper said: “Please be advised that my client deems her settlement agreement canceled and void.”
Ten days after those emails, October 27, 2016, another email shows Daniels received a $130,000 payment, according to the Post.  Cohen admitted last month to making the payment, saying in a statement that the exchange was a “lawful” “private transaction” in which he used his “own personal funds,” and “was not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone.”  “Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly,” Cohen said.  The idea that an attorney would pay $130,000 out of his own personal funds to help a client is laughable.  Obviously Mr. Cohen had an indirect financial incentive to make the payment, even if there was no direct transfer of funds!
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Cohen reportedly set up a private LLC shortly before the 2016 presidential en to pay Clifford, following an alleged July 2006 sexual encounter with Trump, The Wall Street Journal reported in January.
After the initial reports of the payment, Cohen said in a statement that Trump “vehemently denies” any encounter between the two.
Clifford’s manager also said last month that Clifford now believes Cohen voided the non-disclosure by admitting to the payment.
“Everything is off now, and Stormy is going to tell her story,” said Gina Rodriguez, Clifford’s manager.
I don’t want to know anything further about the sexual relationship between Trump and Daniels.  I do want to know how the attorney for Trump could make a pay off to Daniels and not be in violation of campaign rules.  There is a limit, by law, of the maximum campaign contribution that an individual is allowed to make to a federal candidate.  That is $2,700 per election.    Thus, whatever anyone thinks of Trump having sex with a porn star after Melania gave birth to his son, the real unlawful conduct was the payoff by Trump’s attorney that was in direct violation of campaign rules.
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  1. In trumps cold lonely room at night all alone, he is frightened. He does not have money, friends or life. His is a nightmare of reality with players and lousy actors. The Federal Election Committee allowed America to be a victim of this deranged person and his nasty dirty unethical Attorneys defending his crimes. Shitholes like trump do not want to go to court or be questioned under oath. They do not want a deposition or recorded testimony because they cant buy everyone. We have witnessed a swamp of criminals so distorted and evil that one could not even imagine how they sleep at night. In fact they do not sleep at night. They prowl and plot.


  2. This is going to take awhile – but Trump and his very corrupt family will all be exposed.
    I still can not believe this mess is running our country.


  3. Geez, leave it to an attorney, you Malia, to mess up a tawdry affair with a porn hooker by pointing out legal and accounting issues overlooked by the Feds and media. Everyone was enjoying the media porn that actually involved porn. All kidding aside, Are the White House attorneys so confused by the day to day chaos that they just react without examining the legal implications?
    Cohen’s payment statement is a blatant lie and does seem to open the door to a new investigation. The payment was made specifically to stop the release of facts that would have affected the GOP Presidential campaign. Mueller’s investigation chart must look like time lapse photography of tree roots.


  4. America is without a president. Trump was not elected. He was placed in the position by putins nra. Citizen United. America has been under attack for awhile. While we slept and trusted we were bamboozled slowly and directly by bad actors in various areas of daily living. One could go back and see the deceptive marketing, the money in campaigns, corruption in agencies,,, malia touched it in the FOIA request years ago. It was wide and spreading.


    1. 4America,
      …and when we watch what Trump has been able to do unilaterally and in direct violation of the US Constitution, I am appalled that the country is so easily put at risk!


    1. MJ,
      I got over the outrage long ago that Trump was such an abuser. That’s old news. The fact that Stormy Daniels was paid off and that wasn’t disclosed to the Federal Elections committee is unlawful.


  5. You’ll need to borrow someone else’s toes to count the victims of Trump-Karma. From Megan Kelky, Kathy Griffin, to Daniel’s own lawyer and the New York Attorney General, they’ve all been ashamed, resigned, been fired, lost work, etc. The list is very long.


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