Trevor Noah on Parkland Survivors

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  1. The youth and young adults will end the corrupt white male dominated social and political model. Corporations and crooked politicians write rules to steals the labor and earnings of the 99%. Well the young voters don’t drink the snake oil, and do not buy into the paranoia keeping the older ones timid. The old white guys left the latest generations out of the American dream, and the kids could see the hustle. Now they see how the GOP is actually waging a deadly war on them. Parkland woke up a giant who made an ominous statement “You guys will be dead, and we will still be around.”

    On the same topic we need to adapt the GOP mantra for naming controversial issues like their “climate change” rewording. In the future we need to refer to mass murders as GOP Human Harvests. We can take it a step further and call any shooting massacre an NRA Human Harvest. Pass on the AR-15 name change; it’s a Marco Rubio or just a Rubio. Let’s attach these chickenhawk politicians to the weapons being used to kill us.


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