Hope Hicks Said Trump Grabbed Her!

No, Hope Hicks didn’t say Trump grabbed her.  That was another woman and it was Donald Trump himself that said that.    No, Hope Hicks didn’t say that was why she was leaving as the White House communications director.  Hope didn’t say why she was leaving.  No, Hope Hicks didn’t say that she was leaving because she was unqualified as a model to be the White House Communications Director.  She has always been a model from the moment she entered the White House.  She was more qualified for the job now than when she started.

What was different about yesterday for Hope Hicks was that she had to testify before Congress.  She admitted to Congress that she’s told white lies for Trump, who has his own complicated history with the truth.

So who knows what was a little white lie, and what was the truth?

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Before becoming the youngest White House communications director in history, Hicks was tapped for the role of director of strategic communications which had her handling press requests involving the President and/or the first family.

Trump was introduced to Hicks by Ivanka, who hired the Greenwich, Connecticut, native to work on her brand.  Until working for Trump, Hope Hicks was a model.

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Hicks’ vacancy comes as a shock to many as she was dubbed Trump’s unofficial “daughter” and was so close to the commander-in-chief that she was said to have crafted tweets for him and steamed his pants while they’re on his body.  That is so gross that you may need to take a shower before you finish reading.

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Remember when Trump said that he’d be dating his daughter if she weren’t his daughter? Hicks, the ex-model-turned-White House communications director, is 29 years old.  She was sometimes described as akin to a daughter to the president.

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Ivanka is 36 years old.    Thus Hicks was younger and some would say, more attractive than Ivanka.

Certainly Hope is a step up from Stormy Daniels.

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Trump has a long and colorful history with young models.

First lady Melania Trump reportedly got a green card through a program specifically for people with “extraordinary ability.”  The first lady in 2001 was given a green card through the elite EB-1 program, The Washington Post reported.

The EB-1 program is reserved for people such as academic researchers and multinational business executives, as well as people who have shown “sustained national and international acclaim.” 

The first lady was dating Donald Trump when she received her green card. The former model had been featured in runway shows in Europe and had been included in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.  According to government statistics, only 3,376 of the more than 1 million green cards issued in 2001 were for immigrants who had “extraordinary ability.”  Thus it seems that Melania had the “extraordinary abilitly” to model and have sex with Trump.

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People are speculating that with Hicks gone, we may see even more outrageous conduct from the pussy-grabber in Chief. Certainly his pants will have a few more wrinkles.

Just in the last 24 hours see what happened at the Trump White House:

  1. White House communications director Hope Hicks resigned.
  2. John Kelly and Jared Kushner/Ivanka Trump are fighting.
  3. Special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into Donald Trump’s financial maneuvers prior to his announcing for president.
  4. Trump publicly attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Again.
  5. Trump convened a conversation with senators and House members on gun safety in whichhe pooh-poohed a House-passed bill that grants states reciprocity on conceal and carry and seemed open to a comprehensive gun control measure.
  6. We learned that Kushner has been stripped of his top secret security clearance, hamstringing his ability to oversee his broad portfolio of responsibilities within the White House.
  7. Hicks testified before the House Intelligence Committee in relation to its investigation into Russia’s attempted meddling in the 2016 election and acknowledged that she has told white lies in service of Trump.
  8. The Washington Post reported that four foreign countries — Israel, United Arab Emirates, Mexico and China — had assessed that Kushner was vulnerable to manipulation due to his complex financial interests.
  9. Longtime Javanka confidant Josh Raffel announced he was leaving the White House.
  10. It emerged that the Department of Housing and Urban Development spent $31,000 to replace furniture in the office of Secretary Ben Carson.
  11. A political appointee at the Interior Department resigned after CNN’s K-File found a series of anti-gay and anti-Muslim comments she made via Facebook and Twitter.
  12. Trump announced the hiring of Brad Parscale as his 2020 campaign manager.
  13. Trump sent a flurry of tweets on Mueller’s ongoing Russia investigation — including one that read simply: “WITCH HUNT!”
  14. US Cyber Command chief Adm. Mike Rogers told members of Congress that Trump had not authorized him to disrupt Russian attempts to meddle in future US elections.
  15. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort pleaded not guilty to an array of (new) bank fraud and money laundering charges brought against him by Mueller.
  16. The White House parted ways with Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a senior adviser to first lady Melania Trump. Wolkoff’s event-planning business was paid more than $26 million for its work on Trump’s inauguration.

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  1. Oh my gosh and Melania got US citizenship because she grabbed and hugged a 6ft blow up whale on the beach. She was awarded a green card due to extraordinary talent and received citizenship due to her talent?. Hmmm? something smells like the swamp again. I swear that kid of hers is putins spawn and dotard drump is nasty squeeze. Trump and kushner owe the russians billions. This group of criminals are beyond KGB ignorant. Cant wait till their all gonzo.


  2. How do these extraordinary models compare to the girl jailed in Thailand that would like to spill the beans on Russia trump and the nasty dirty sex acts. It may be worth the time for Mueller to have a word with her too. Human trafficking should be added to the charges. I hope that young natalie hollaway did not get taken by these nasty people that lie cheat and steal.


  3. Wow!! I had not seen those pictures of Hicks.. Reminds me of some of Melania’s pictures – but with a bit more clothes on.


  4. Stranger Things in the white House. The timing of Hope Hicks’ departure is really interesting, mainly due to some Youtube traffic stating that White House leaks call her a “Pass Around.” The implication is that she slept around, and was passed from the President to various staff members. The number of relationships she seemed to have during her political career seem to support the notion. As 45 likes to say “I don’t know, but someone said…..”

    Personally I have no idea if it’s true. Other than writing speeches, notes, Tweets, and letters for the 3rd grade kid running the country, what has she accomplished? Tell me what she has accomplished that places her above other communication experts in the U.S.. White House communication has been horrendous over the past 13 months. It has been a confusing assortment of lies, contradictions, and attacks on a races, creeds, sexualities, occupations, and disabilities. The education level of WH communications has dropped to the lowest level in modern history.


  5. IKEA manufactures some of its product in Slovenia.
    Does this account for the Sweden/Mueller/Trump/Russia/Melania thing?

    This is exhausting.

    Oh wait, the primaries start again just after the end of next year. It never ends.


  6. And she worked for Ralph Lauren? Yuck. Who made the 2018 Olympic uniforms? Years ago ralph lauren had the contract for USA Olympic Uniforms, and he put USA Olympians in china made clothing on the usa dime? TERRIBLE. I had purchased items from that corporation until then. Same thing with Bernie sanders during campaign using hats made in china. WTF is wrong with USA citizens making products? Creeps that sold out American products and jobs suck.


      1. Now more than ever. One of the great secrets of history is how much some of our leaders loved to laugh in private. MLK was notorious amongst his friends for his practical jokes. It gets people through.


      2. Dig it. Well I’ll be checking your work out. I get a little wound up these days watching the news so If I can take in some perspectives with a smile I’m down like 4 flat tires. Keep it up!


  7. Amazing irony…

    You left out the screed that Trump is a space alien.

    Malialitman, the election was over a year ago…

    Have you tried Preparation H?


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