“It’s Official” Sarah Palin Hopes for a Position in Trump’s Cabinet in 2020!

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After Sarah endorsed Trump in 2016, Trump indicated that she would have a place in his cabinet.  Palin made no secret of her interest.  She was originally considered for Interior Secretary.  When that didn’t work out, she was considered for Veterans affairs.  When that didn’t work out she was considered for Energy Secretary.  When that didn’t work out she was considered for …well, nothing.

Now Palin has advertised Trump’s announcement that he will run for re-election in 2020.

“It’s official!” she announced.

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Trump has named Brad Parscale as his campaign manager. Parscale previously served as a digital media director for Trump’s 2016 presidential bid.

According to a Politico analysis of documents filed with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday night, Trump’s three committees collected $11 million in December, ending 2016 with $16 million in the bank. In total, the campaign spent $32 million in December in order to build its database, collect data, and pay for branding and key staff members. The committees, for example, laid out $728,000 on hats, likely for his “Make America Great Again” baseball caps, and another $2.4 million on mugs, stickers, T-shirts, and banners, Politico reports. They paid another $511,000 to Giles-Parscale, the Texas-based digital and online advertising operation run by Brad Parscale, who has been credited with propelling the campaign on a path to victory, bringing the total amount he has collected from Trumplandia to $88 million.

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Brad Parscale started his digital career in bookstores, tapping people on the shoulder while they were browsing the web design section and pitching them his own website creation services.  Then one day in 2011, he was eating an omelette when he received an email from the Trump Organization asking him to pitch for a web design project for one of Donald Trump’s real estate projects. Other assignments followed until 2015, when another email arrived.

“It said: ‘Donald Trump is thinking about running for president and we need a website in two days,'” Parscale reported.  “So I wrote back and said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it for $1,500,'” he added. “And by the end (of the election campaign) it was $94 million.”

Brad Parscale, who was the Trump campaign's digital director, at Trump Tower in November 2016

Some speculate that Sarah Palin has her eye on a job with Brad’s company, thinking that she could provide consulting services to the multi-million dollar venture.

12 thoughts on ““It’s Official” Sarah Palin Hopes for a Position in Trump’s Cabinet in 2020!

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  1. What she wants (celebrity status and validation) and what she ends up getting (probably nothing) are two different things.
    She misses the spotlight and the opportunities to trash those who she considers enemies on a national level. She has a deep well of hatred, insecurity and ignorance – possibly similar to that shown by Trump.

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  2. What we can’t see in that photo is her other hand, which is crammed deep into her vagina.

    Imagine, a little girl from a rural Alaska village, meeting a president.


  3. Dunt be jellus!

    This could be a good match!

    Half the family could be surfin and googling and trolling!


  4. That guy is downright creepy looking. I wonder how much interaction he had with the Russian troll population before the last election. If I were he, I wouldn’t want to brag about web designing for Trump’s 2016 campaign.


  5. The Wasilla loon is grasping at anything for attention, even if it means tagging onto Brad Pascale’s appointment as Trump’s 2020 campaign manager! Good grief! Brad Pascale should be investigated, not because he has been appointed Trump’s campaign manager, but because he made $94 million dollars off of the Trumps in such a short period of time.


  6. Sarah will be a cabinet member. She would be a great secretary of the exterior.

    She is very familiar with putting a wig on and her orange hand stained hands would be great for a trump rub down.

    Everything she does is on the exterior like her but padding and

    Now that hope is lost the only full service chick available is Sarah and her padded skin suit.

    Trump couldn’t get melania to hold his hand. Hope is a big nope. Kellyann conjob is to hot for him. Spicer won’t wear the bunny outfit anymore. Hookers won’t answer his phone calls.

    The only thing left to hit on is Sarah fully padded out with a road kill wig on.

    Something tells me when he looks under the hood on this one self induced caste ration is really the only option.


    1. painchipeater,
      Chesticles…that one makes me laugh every time I say it out loud!!!! She needs to get some bigger ones to wear when she’s wearing one of her signature tableshirts.


  7. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel and drudging the swamp. Wow is trump desperate and Wow is sarah stupid. Both are so transparent and moronic. The shining star will not save the sinking ship of dung. It just wont happen. But it may be fun to watch after all they put all their mighty might into the take down of the USA society. Both can see old KGB putin from their house of ho and dumb. Both are failures on all levels. Both smell like they look. A shithole.


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