Trump the Coward

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In keeping with the over-inflated view that Donald Trump has of himself, he praised himself, suggesting that if he’d been at the Parkland shooting he would have rushed in.  He said:  “I really believe I’d run in, even if I didn’t have a weapon,” he said during a meeting at the White House on Monday.

Of course that was not true.  Trump has repeatedly proved himself to be a coward.

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  1. Trump is not only a coward, he is a lousy liar and actor. He is a pathetic excuse for a man. Don’t know why anyone would bow to that ugly pos. He deserves zero respect or forgiveness. His children are spawns of this swamp thing. All must be jailed for treason.


  2. The Dayton event showed the true nature of 45. He lunged like there was a piece of chocolate cake being stolen backstage. This draft dodging, pampered bully is as they say in Malia’s state, All hat, no cattle. This is a guy who fears stairs, unclean anything (except hookers), being drafted, Black Attorneys General sitting nearby, and playing golf by the rules.

    We should send all the gun nut politicians and NRA executives to a Middle East war zone for a couple weeks. Let them see and feel the consequences of the armaments they want to expose to our children. Do we want to create that atmosphere of fear in our children as they develop? Do we want them growing up carrying fear and even PTSD from feeling like they are in a war zone? A lot of us baby boomers took while adapting to the sound commercial jets after years of drills to hide from Soviet missiles.


  3. I recall seeing the picture of the eagle and wondered if it was real or a statue.

    Of course Trump would not run into a building where shooting was happening. He would go in the opposite direction. And he would not run as he can’t – waddle would be closer to it.


  4. Remember during the campaign old dotard had his bodyguard with a raven on his shoulder lurking around the stage? These fruitcakes are so nuts.


  5. I have seen acts of bravery trump has shown that no normal American could do.

    He had a major run in on a golf course a year or so ago. He crapped in his pants and it did not stop his resolve to Winn the game. He kicked the ball on fairway to cheat a good shot. He then kicked it in the hole. Nothing would stop this determined patriot.

    Once he was outside a brother and he heard people were getting shot up. He charged in and took all the needles and coke people were shooting up.

    Comrad trump is a true patriot. He fights for his country more than any Russian ever has. This Manchurian president will be rembered for generations.


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