Sarah Palin is “Seriously” Clueless

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“Seriously” was the one word remark of Sarah Palin to the story of Ivanka Trump being asked about the accusations by women of their sexual relations with Donald Trump.  The twitter remark is linked to a Facebook post of Palin suggesting that the question of Ivanka was inappropriate.  Reporter Peter Alexander posed the question to the First Daughter, who serves as a White House advisor, “Do you believe your father’s accusers?”

Ivanka called the question “inappropriate” and challenged blatant media bias in her response.

Trump called the question “inappropriate,” adding that she didn’t “think that’s a question you’d ask many other daughters.”

However what Ivanka seems to be missing is the fact that she serves as a White House advisor.  It’s hard to reconcile the fact that Ivanka advertises herself as a woman’s advocate while her father has a long and colorful history of mysognistic behavior towards women.  Sarah Palin is “seriously” clueless if she thinks that she is a woman’s advocate while being married to a pimp and endorsed Donald Trump.

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11 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is “Seriously” Clueless

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    1. If a FB post doesn’t have SP or her name after it, which denotes authorship, it’s not her. Her page SAYS this.

      Malia is a dumbass.

      Her page is no different from any other public page.

      Malia is getting more senile by the day, or more evil. I feel for her though. Malia has an ugly heart.


  1. Malia needs to catch up about ol Sarah Inkkk.

    Apparently the reason Sarah resigned, had got tired of the crap, got a DNA test, back in 2015.

    All to see them upchuck graves in Russia back shortly after results!

    We had Presidential visits to Alaska. All smiles I see!? Wink. Wink.

    Now we got investigations into Russia. Oopsy daisy!? Oh chit!?

    Rumor is, that Mueller is going way back to the Revolution. Gasp!

    Oh Malia. When Mueller exposes the biggest lie of the Century,
    Points to financiers of this racket, and how BAD it really has been!?

    Sarah may be able to run, but she can’t hide out anymore!

    She is reduced to a mouse.


  2. I think it is obvious that ivanka is jealous of Donald’s victims. ivanka has been going out with Donald for over thirty years . No woman wants to hear about other some other gold diggers jumping her sugar daddy.

    Sarah is also correct because she is always correct. I think we can at least all agree she has never been wrong.

    No matter what Donald has done it is nothing even close to Todd. Trump may grab something hear or thier but Todd grabs it, cuts it off, puts it on ice and sells it on eBay.

    It’s all perspective. If trump has a few porn stars hanging out what is the harm. They become tax avoiding one percenters who are providing a valuable service by not letting trump troll the general population.

    Todd on the other hand pays his captured Eastern European trophies a little tougher. They get paid in thoughts and prayers and brass knuckles. The survivors get sold off to ammosexual couch dwellers.

    It seems obvious trump is a job creater and Todd is helping with population control.


  3. Malia – Good one! The Wasilla loon used to call those “gotcha” questions. LOL

    Ivanka needs to act like a mature representative of the WH instead of a bimbo who speaks in a soft voice, bats her eyes, wrings her hands in her lap, and gives a toothy smile – all the while claiming she believes her father, not his accusers!

    Peter Alexander should have asked Ivanka these questions:
    1) Why was Ivanka discussing the sanctions on North Korea with South Korea? Where is the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and why wasn’t he in South Korea discussing the sanctions?
    3) Did Ivanka have the appropriate security clearance to discuss North Korea sanctions with South Korea?

    Why was Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, speaking about the North Korea sanctions and Ivanka Trump’s involvement? Why is he involved in any of this? Where the hell is Rex Tillerson?


  4. This is a great example of celebrities taking a responsibility that eliminates their privacy, but wanting to choose when they can be treated like a non celebrity. Ivan-ka (sounds Russian) is a top level White House advisor. It is normal to ask about a high level boss’s moral failures. She dropped the daughter rights when she took the position, pun intended.
    The interesting part of the interaction is Ivanka’s failure to use the GOP boilerplate “forgiveness” response. There are two possible reasons, one, she is totally embarrassed by 45’s behavior, two, she knows that the two hookers are the tip of the iceberg. Let’s quit the porn star semantics. They took money to have sex with a john, not make a movie.

    As far as Palin, she probably worried about people reading the book discussing her interaction with a Florida character named Sergio Storms.


  5. Ivanka is also clueless. In spite of trying to appear serious about her “job” she has accomplished nothing. Neither has Melania. Nothing but talk.


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