Stephen Colbert Reports on God’s Stance on the NRA

4 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert Reports on God’s Stance on the NRA

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  1. Ok, with Easter and Passover coming, I’m wondering if the Angel of Death was actually doing a drive by with a bunch of Uzis, and Jesus had to stand on a wooden pole while they invented and built rifles to execute him.

    I can see why the NRA is against mental health restrictions. Their leader is definitely losing his mind, just making stuff up as if it was some long held belief. They need an MRI on him. He seems like he spent too much time at an indoor range with high powered large capacity weapons. He has serious damage from sound waves rattling his brain against his cranium.


  2. Sarah’s such an incredible woman. Good mom, wife, hard worker, great friend, loyal, genuine, humble, didn’t lose her soul to politics, the only politico who had a PAC that was never used as a slush fund. She succeeded in giving her kids the best childhood, which she and her husband vowed they would so the kids never suffered like he (Todd) did growing up.


  3. I’m not finding steven Colbert funny these days. He appears to be suffering from the stresses of this climate. Drinking on set is not wise. Same with miss Jennifer Lawrence, she acted like a cheap lush with zero class last night. Poor thing is stooping to low places that are dead ends. She appeared to have brains years ago but seems to have melted down into the swamp of deplorable.


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