John Oliver: “We Call B.S.”

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  1. How transparent. drumpf says strengthen background checks, well ok then, all of his paid supporters including his kids wont pass.

    Strengthen immigration, whoopsie his wife, inlaws and all those pregnant Russian ladies in his condos in florida, gone.

    In the silly Russian kremlin misinformation, disinformation and the dotard rigger game of art of the deal.

    He is such a moron along with the stupid Russians. All this BS and they could have played fair and decent and with Hilary and come out better. Now it is garbage. Trump garbage.

    The lady did not take the snake in…she was raped


  2. So schools are safe, and trump wants guns on teachers. Does that included preschool and daycare?

    What is next? Arm the hospitals? Doctors and Nurses carrying guns? Should elderly carrying guns in carehomes?

    How about court houses? Everyone armed? The Judge, prosecutor and defense?

    Restaurants? Grocery stores? Guns guns guns for all.

    Reciprocity is the word of the month? I would guess he wants his phony lawyers to be able to defend him in all states without taking the state bar. Just walk in and practice law. In trumps case rig it.


  3. It is the 24th of February 2018. I caught up with my reading and listening from my favorite places. I got a warm feeling of Hope. We The People are fighting for America. We are defending Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Our agencies designed to serve and protect us. Wow! Yes there will be a parade of celebration and beacon of hope for all Americans.

    Behind HUGE, BIG prison walls will house those that aided the enemy and committed treason, espionage, conspiracy and directly harmed innocent lives. They will be forced to watch the parade of America that fought hard inside and outside of Our Borders to serve justice to thy enemy.

    We The People have Hope for a better America and Our Beacon of Light is Bright today.

    Thank you Malia for working so hard providing a site to comment and debate the many issues over the years. It has made a difference. It helped in many ways.

    Thank you Sincerely, Becky

    Peace and Love


      1. Pence will be removed too because he clearly knew what was going on. He will be impeach or force to resign I’m guessing.


  4. Let’s call this the opening shot across the bow. The GOP is in for a culture shock. The younger generations are fed up with the lies and manipulations of old wealthy white guys. They are angry with the college loan swindle that left them out of the American dream, jobs, home ownership, just affording a decent apartment. They represent much of the 44% who sat out 2016, disgusted with the corporate shills offered buy political parties.

    But now this bigoted, sexist, ignorant business whore and his cohorts are allowing an actual war on students. Kids are being murdered and injured at a higher rate than in the Middle East where we have actual wars. Now the tech savvy young ones are battling for their lives. The NRA, 45, and assassins using a Marco Rubio* (AR-15) are shooting up the country, especially schools. The fear mongering old rich white guys just created a fear that will take them down. Watch these kids mobilize and work the 2018 elections. No politician with NRA money is safe.

    * A student came up with the brilliant Marco Rubio title for an AR-15. “They are cheap and easy to buy.” Please keep the title going and shame this POS Rubio into doing his job.


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