Could Track Palin Be the Next Shooter?

Headlines are focused on the multiple warnings the police had regarding Nikolas Cruz.  Many are asking the question, “How many times does somebody have to file a complaint before a young man is institutionalized or barred from handling an assault weapon?”  In the case of Nikolas Cruz 18 times was not enough for police to take action.

In the case of Track Palin, how many times must police or FBI be put on notice, before action is taken to prevent an attack?  Track has been involved in multiple acts of violence but each time he is released to repeat his behavior.  He vandalized school buses.  He was trained to shoot guns in the service.

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He was involved in the family brawl.

He was involved in domestic violence, where he attacked Jordan, the mother of his child, kicking her.  It was at that time that he threatened to kill himself with an assault rifle.

Britta also reported repeated acts of violence by Track.

He burglarized and threatened his parents.  Sarah and Todd were so frightened of him that they called the police.  All of the members of the Palin family asked the Court to protect them by issuing a restraing order.

Track has a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

When Track committed an act of domestic violence, ‘Sarah blamed the conduct on PTSD and Obama, rather than on Track himself.


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Track Palin is the son of Sarah Palin and…possibly Todd Palin.  That in itself is enough to inspire violent behavior.  However after witnessing MULTIPLE acts of violence, including the use of an assault weapon, it is incumbent on the Palin family to take action to protect themselves and fellow Alaskans.  If they don’t, and Track becomes the next person to committ a massacre, we shouldn’t blame Obama, PTSD, the military, or liberal gun laws.  The real blame should be attributed to the dysfunctional Palin family.

Understand …we pray that nobody ever becomes the victim of another attack.  However if anyone could forsee a massacre, and has the power to take preventative steps, it is Sarah Palin and her family.

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14 thoughts on “Could Track Palin Be the Next Shooter?

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  1. He has no problems before Unwanted attention. And he hates mentally fucked up liberals who lie and abuse his family. It bothers him. He’s said he feels he has to defend them. But this is a man who once defended his brother against people who say he shouldn’t have been born.
    Maybe maybe stop abusing him Malia. A man you don’t know.


    1. As a certified mentally fucked up independent, I have to point out the fact that most of the Palin clan engages acts of lies and abuse. Start with grandma Palin promising to serve a full term as governor and the kitchen damaged by flying cans. Based on your pseudo identity, I’m guessing you may be his sister, an aunt or mother or Sailor Grace.
      So, I’m not sure about this bothering him; this is more about YOU. Track’s main problem right now is the howling monkeys of multiple addictions. Again, as a certified mentally fucked up independent, it looks like Track and his siblings have to come to grips with being raised in an extremely dysfunctional family run by a Narcissistic grifter.
      If the Palins are worried about unwanted attention, quit breaking the law, quit having drunken unprotected sex, and quit with the ignorant posts telling mentally fucked up independents and liberals what to do.


  2. Good article and very timely.
    As we all know – Sarah hates bad publicity. Would she do what it takes to ensure he does no more damage? I very much doubt it.


    1. Absolutely, they’ve already tried to blame it on him and PTSD, mike. He’s had issues since his tweens if not before, no matter what “grace” says, and we all know it. If they’d fess up to it, I might feel remorse but, in a family like that, there never will be. They always concoct a false narrative and, if he doesn’t get serious help instead of their constant bailing him out, I can see it happening again.


  3. Bristol has less of a chance of track shooting her if she stays in Texas.

    Or maybe track will shoot Todd as Todd crosses the Iditarod finish line Feb 24?


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