Survey Says: Trump is Worst President in History

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George Bush may have previously held the title as the worst president ever.
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Andy Borowitz reported that:

Speaking to reporters at his home, Bush said that he “could hardly wait” until Friday, when he will be officially bounced from the worst-President slot.

“I have to admit, I never thought I’d see this day in my lifetime,” the former President said. “When you leave office with the nation in smoldering ruins, you sort of come to accept that you’re gonna be worst for a long, long time.

Of course that was a satirical piece written in Jan. of 2017.  However now that report is no longer “satirical.”  A  survey asked the presidential experts to use a 0-100 scale “for overall greatness,” with zero being failure, 50 being average and 100 being great. Roughly 57% of the respondents were Democrats, 13% were Republicans and 27% were independents (3% selected “Other”).

Overall, Trump came in dead last.  Donald Trump now holds the distinction as the worst American President ever, and he is only getting started.  Imgine what he might accomplish is allowed to stay in office three more years.
The seven greatest presidents, according to respondents, remained unchanged from the same survey’s results in 2014, the previous time it was taken. In order, they were Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Harry S. Truman and Dwight Eisenhower.
9 totally unpresidential things Donald Trump tweeted over Presidents Day weekend

Here are 9 totally unpresidential things Donald Trump tweeted over Presidents Day weekend.  Those were just a small sampling of the outrageous things Trump has done to earn the spot as the worst president in history.
Even among Republicans and conservatives Trump came in almost last.  He ranked 40th out of 44 among.

12 thoughts on “Survey Says: Trump is Worst President in History

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  1. He is truly the worst.
    My daughter is here visiting from Portland – and we spend hours talking politics. Quite frankly, after awhile we just look at each other and say “how long can this insanity go on?”
    We are truly inspired by the teens – not only in Florida – but elsewhere. The reaction from the most recent tragedy has caught many people off guard. Many are saying it will be a passing thing. I do not think so. Something has shifted and I look to those incredible young people who continue to speak out and organize. They will make a change. Just read George Clooney has donated a large amount of funds for this effort and will be appearing with students. I would expect many of his friends will also join in with this effort. This is not going to be easy and it will get ugly. Now is not the time to “get wobbly” as a PM from Great Britain once said to Reason..


  2. C’mon GOP, you can do worse. Let’s get Ted Cruz and Rick Perry lined up for 2020. Maybe DeVos and Bachman will get in the clown car and add another 4 years to the circus.

    My best guess is that the Christian faction of the GOP is trying to show Darwin was wrong, that there is no evolution, and the weakest of a species can rise to the top.


  3. America took out hitler, bin laden and Hussein. What makes this shithow different? Our country is under attack, our children murdered, fake news dividing and republicans committing treason.


  4. Bristol’s kind of my hero and I’m no Republican. She’s always happy and follows her heart. She moral. She’s survived slanderers and is able to laugh at the stupidity of liberals and lowlifes who abuse her with lies. Because she makes friends with everyone she meets. Her ak and tx pastors call her son a little man of god. She is the hardest worker and her husband echoed that a month ago. Before she left him at the request of her family. And her heart.


    1. Sorry, Grace, I’m just not so sure that a child whose life ambition is to become a “sniper” is headed on a very admirable path. If his ambition were to save the polar bears, to help cure diseases, to be a fireman, to be a doctor or a nurse or a teacher, I’d think that he was on a worthy path. But to want (at such a young age) to kill people is truly bizarre and not at all what a “little man of God” would want to do.


    2. Give it a rest, Alicia. You’ve never typed an honest word in your life. Do you think if you post this bullshit in unrelated posts, people aren’t going to call you out? Grow up.


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