Trump’s Response to the Parkland Shooting: FUBAR

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It seems that Donald Trump forgot that visiting injured highschool students after the devastating shooting in Parkland Florida was supposed to be a time of reflection, a time to mourn, and a time to take action to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again!   The thumbs-up photo shows just how clueless Trump was!
 “answer hate with love, answer cruelty with kindness; we must also work together to create a culture in our country that embraces the dignity of life…”
was so contrary to the Trump we have come to know, that “astonishment” was the predictable response of anyone listening.

Trump’s visit to the hospital following the Parkland shooting was a quick stop before partying at his Mar a lago retreat.                                         

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In case that wasn’t offensive enough, he then tweeted an attack on the FBI, suggesting that they were unduly focused on the Russian interference in the 2016 election and that was the reason for their failure to stop this tragic attack.
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Even the high school students who survived and lost classmates were outraged at the President’s response.  They commented:
“17 of my classmates are gone. That’s 17 futures, 17 children, and 17 friends stolen. But you’re right, it always has to be about you. How silly of me to forget. #neveragain”
“…my friends were brutally murdered and you have the nerve to make this about Russia. I can not believe this”  “Oh my god.
17 OF MY CLASSMATES AND FRIENDS ARE GONE AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO MAKE THIS ABOUT RUSSIA???!! HAVE A DAMN HEART. You can keep all of your fake and meaningless ‘thoughts and prayers’.”
You’re the President,” one student said.   “You’re supposed to bring this nation together, not divide us. How dare you? Children are dying, and their blood is on your hands because of that. Please take action. Stop going on vacation in Mar-a-Lago. Take action. Work with Congress. Your party controls both the House and Senate. Take action, get some bills passed, and for God’s sake, let’s save some lives.”
Even hospital photos convey the demeanor of the President and Melania.  They forgot they were supposed to be sad.  They forgot they were supposed to be recognizing a horrible tragedy instead of celebrating a great excuse to go to Mar a lago a day early.Image result for trump mar a lago parkland
Donald and Melania appeared to be happier at the hospital visiting children shot in the massacre than at the inauguration.
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Image result for melania trump inauguration
Image result for melania trump inauguration
Image result for melania trump inauguration
Image result for melania trump inauguration
Image result for melania trump inauguration

5 thoughts on “Trump’s Response to the Parkland Shooting: FUBAR

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  1. When I look at that photo I see a deranged nasty dirty ugly man giving thumbs up to the kremlin. A thumbs up for their effort to continue to influence deranged kids to commit such hateful acts. Was the shooter on facebook? twitter? or any type of social network? How on earth did that child’s parents allow that monster in the room with her. Why would the hospital personal pose for such a distasteful photo with that monster and criminal?
    Any other time the creep has a frown on his ugly face. But deaths by ar 15’s brings a smile to his ugly face.


  2. If, in a similar situation, a child of mine were in the hospital and Trump (along with the third wife or without her) wanted to come into my child’s room, I would refuse them entry. I’d try to be polite but I’m not sure I would be. Trump and his 21st century GOP cronies, all traitors, could care less about those killed or wounded in the onslaught of senseless mass shootings in this country. A man of no morals, Trump should never have been allowed anywhere near that hospital. And what was with the “thumb’s up” that he kept flashing along with his creepy smile?


  3. The official responses really show the lack of depth and lack of intelligence in the White House and their media team. Every crisis gets a canned response like a gas station greeting card. It shows what a bunch of politically and financially oriented, heartless bastards we have in there.


  4. The kremlin has trump by his tiny balls. The kremlin continues to hack the communication infrastructure of this country and world. They need to be cut off from the world and punished into hell.


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