Trump Rescinded Restrictions on Guns for the Mentally Ill

Trump has blamed the FBI for their failure to identify the Parkland, Florida shooter as a potential threat.  Yet he failed to mention that HE rescinded the Obama prohibition of the mentally ill owning guns. 


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  1. from the article:

    “Disability rights groups also objected to the bill. The American Civil Liberties Union joined the protest and in a letter to members of Congress, urged for its repeal. “We oppose this rule because it advances and reinforces the harmful stereotype that people with mental disabilities, a vast and diverse group of citizens, are violent,” the letter says. “There is no data to support a connection between the need for a representative payee to manage one’s Social Security disability benefits and a propensity toward gun violence.”

    I am so sick and tired of the continued linking of “gun ownership”, “mentally ill”, “mass shootings. Not to mention the violation of one’s right to privacy with regard to medical records and financial records. However low the US stoops, I hope we stop short of labeling and registering anyone because we think they might do something wrong in the future.


    1. zoe,

      There is one aspect of mental illness that may be related to shootings and suicides, the medications used to treat it. Here’s the hook, stopping the medication cold turkey. I cannot get Congress or the media to investigate it, Most mental health meds require a weaning off period of weeks to months. When you stop mental health meds, you go into a wide variety of serious side effects. Your mood gets messed up big time. The FDA and big pharma do little or no testing of side effects when the drug is stopped.

      If they ever did research on minors committing suicide they would find a large number of kids who went off meds and into a severe depression. Picture the meds like an electric fence for dogs. Once the fence is off the dog is loose, same with the untreated mind. But the untreated mind also senses the dropping med dose and is screaming for a fix, letting the demons out.

      (disclaimer: I am on mental health meds, been on them for 25 years. I’ve had the training to recognize when I’m in trouble and get help immediately. I’ve been hospitalized twice due to pharmacies running out of my medication.)


  2. When was the last time Trump hugged Barron, asked Barron how Barron’s day was and actively listened to Barron’s response, and told Barron that he loves Barron? That’s the measure of a man.
    Survey says ————


  3. Were i still in high school and someone murdered 17 of my friends in front of my eyes, and all lawmakers would be looking right through me, as if I didn’t exist, as I told them to fix the problem with the guns – can you imagine what message this would be telling me about the world, or about my value?



  4. aj — I think it can be shown that there is an increased likelihood of suicide at the beginning of treatment. It was a big issue when Prozac was introduced. What I have read, but am not totally sure I believe it, is that as the brain is influenced by the drug, the person comes to understand just how ill he or she is. That’s the suicide zone.

    I’ve taken so many prescription drugs over the past 30-odd years, I don’t think about side effects any more.

    What I do think about is how the “no guns for the mentally ill” is the knee-jerk response to every shooting in this country. It feeds into our wanting a quick “one size fits all” solution to a complex problem.

    I’ve pretty much always known when to go for help. The problem was it took me nearly 15 years to find a shrink/therapist who knew what the hell was wrong.



    1. The King of One Size Fits All, Billy Graham, has left us. His evangelical fiction is for 2 year olds, for those completely in denial of the self. By now, having been removed of earthly veils, Graham can reflect on the utter ridiculousness of his time spent on earth. In his next lifetime, let’s hope he’s a bit less of a caveman.


  5. Well, I think it’s downright hypocritical of Trump to dismiss what happened in Parkland as the work of a mentally ill person. And it’s more. Trump rescinded the Obama executive order simply because he was determined to undo every decent and good measure taken by President Obama. There was no rational reason to rescind that order. Nothing but jealousy and hubris.


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