The Parkland Tragedy Illustrates the Tragedy of Trump Being President

Donald Trump should never have been elected President.  Without doubt his policies and political positions are contrary to mine.  He is racist.  He is mysoginistic.  He is a disgrace to our country.  He has repeatedly acted contrary to the very principals of the US Constitution.  However nothing that came before is a better, more obvious example of the reason that Donald Trump should never have been elected.

Seventeen highschool students were killed and at least 14 injured in the shooting at a highschool in Parkland Florida.

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The anguish of America was only surpassed by that of the families of the victims.

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If it weren’t clear before, it is now, that speaking out when you see something wrong is not enough.  The FBI was warned about this shooter and failed to prevent the attack.  The shooter announced his intentions on social media six weeks before the shooting.  Nobody stopped him. 

At a time when the country needed a strong leader to give us hope that a solution was coming, Donald Trump was the President.  Someone obviously wrote his speech for him.  In case the delivery seemed forced and artificial, it was.  In case Trump seemed disingenuine, he was.  If his remarks seemed the total opposite to previous comments, they were.  Here are the remarks:

Trump directed America’s children and said:

 “answer hate with love, answer cruelty with kindness; we must also work together to create a culture in our country that embraces the dignity of life…”

Yet Trump has a history of inciting violence.  When a person simply protested, without assaulting anyone, or using any type of weapons, Trump responded by saying that he should have been roughed up.  He said, if you see a person getting ready to throw a tomatoe, “knock the crap out of them…seriously! Just knock the crap out of them.  I will pay for the legal fees, …just knock the hell…I promise…I will pay for the legal fees.”

He explained ” we’re not allowed to punch back anymore…I love the old days…they’d be carried out on a stretcher!”

“I’d like to punch him in the face.”  “If you hurt him, I’ll defend you in Court.”

“…part of the problem is that nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.”

Trump explained that: “I want you to know that you are never alone and you never will be,” Trump said. “You have people who care about you, who love you and who will do anything at all to protect you.”

Yet when asked if more strict gun laws were needed to prevent further shootings, Trump failed to even answer.  


The lives lost in the Parkland shooting was a tragedy.  The words of Donald Trump following this tragedy were a clear indication that there will be more tragedies and America is not healing, but our wounds are festering.

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  1. Malia – Thank you for writing about this. POTUS is in Florida enjoying a quiet weekend at his ritzy Mar-a-Lago estate tweeting about fake news, the media and blaming the Democrats for not passing gun control legislation during the Obama Administration! He really is an embarrassment to America! He should be out playing golf instead of tweeting like a rabid dog!
    In 1996 there was a deadly shooting in Dunblane, Scotland. Sixteen students and one teacher were killed by an armed gunman. The same year, 1996, Great Britain passed and put in place two Firearms Acts restricting private ownership of firearms. Nothing like that will happen in the USA until gun control and background checks are taken seriously by POTUS and members of Congress. It’s sad but true, but it’s unlikely any of the members of Congress will ever do anything or make changes to gun control, background checks, or bump stocks.


    1. Sharon,
      It’s unforgivable that ANY legislator won’t vote to stop gun violence. It’s hard to imagine anyone voting to allow the mentally ill to buy guns! It’s like a bad comedy show, and nobody would believe it because the premise is too absurd,…but it’s true!


  2. 45’s first remarks went to mental health, another “speak first research never” moment. The stable genius with the world’s best memory forgot he used an Executive Order to remove Obama’s regulations making it more difficult for mentally ill people to purchase guns.
    Does anyone in the white House know how to do research?


  3. The Supreme Court decision to allow the United States of America to be sold by Citizen United was the most dangerous crime committed to date. The NRA bought elected servants. The NRA organization and members flooded this country with unregulated assault weapons. The NRA organization, their members are a corporation, they have caused the massive amount of deaths of innocent USA citizens. The only way to stop it is to ban it. The manufacturers must recall all assault weapons and refund all money now today. We must end this tragic crime. Trump was not elected he was chosen by the NRA and our enemy to destroy our country. Hold the Supreme Court, the NRA, the GOP, RNC, tparty responsible and accountable for the deaths.


    1. The delusion of evangelism – the “saving separate god” is behind all this. Evangelism IS MENTAL ILLNESS, for the construct is A LIE AND A DELUSION A FICTION A SUPER LAZY FICTION. They all need to be rounded up and tosses into the sea, where Jesus can save them.


  4. Donald John Trump was not elected. The election was rigged by putin and Donald john trumpsters helped. It is called TREASON. America is under a silent attack and it is a silent war. Fight um, arrest um, convict um and put them in prison for life.


  5. Last week:

    Palin described that period years ago as trying for her and her family, noting that the intensity and hostility of biased media attacks take a toll on even the strongest family.

    “I wish people understood what it does to a family, how it potentially could rip apart a family because everybody has a different idea of how to react to the circumstances around you, and that causes some stress,” said Palin. “I thank God every day that I have a strong family, and we’re doing great. There are millions of people who’ve dealt with far worse than us, but I am glad seeing a little of our battle with immoral and bullying journalists has inspired some people to know that whatever they’re facing, the sun will come out tomorrow and things get better.”

    The person hit hardest by all the media abuse and lies is her eldest son, Track, a person who’s never felt comfortable in the spotlight and who has found himself in positions of defending his family, including his special needs brother. Sarah’s friends have been helping to protect him from stupid people from day 1 because they know him as well as his family.

    – – –

    If people solely listened to media, they wouldn’t know things like Bristol Palins family started telling her last November that she needs to leave her husband, that his personality was doing a 180 and even some of his fans were noticing. She finally left him on their Vegas trip 3 weeks ago. Clearly, because she’s mature and because she’s dealt with far worse people in the past, she felt she should try to remedy.


  6. Trump polled his empty suits and fake titties at his marslardo dump. Who cares how they feel. Trump is facing reality today as the worst example of a business person, a lousy actor, a huge ugly liar and a traitor to the USA. He will not survive his kremlin scam to rig the election. The moron is a illegitimate human and tool of putins kremlin.


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