Another Trump Staff Member Resigns Due to Domestic Violence Charges

Rob Porter isn’t the only Trump aide that has resigned due to allegations of domestic violence.

3 thoughts on “Another Trump Staff Member Resigns Due to Domestic Violence Charges

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  1. Willow Palin’s words to a friend were good advice to anyone.
    She doesn’t understand why no one did anything sooner about the FL shooter, when he shows signs of that type of psychopathy. It disgusts her that no one did anything. The FBI may have dropped the ball, but so did many. She thanked God she and her siblings have exceptional parents and families.


    1. If there is one family that could recognize and understand that type of psychopathy in a shooter it is the palins. Yes indeed free melania you hit that right on the head, There is nothing more important then exceptional parents that raise exceptional children such as the palins. Willows god and her siblings are exceptional like her parents.


  2. Tough guys? Can we sentence these guys to MMA bounds against world ranked women fighters? No ref, winner is the one who walks out, after leaving the loser unable to crawl out. Take a good look at these abusers and their families. This is a learned behavior, usually taught by a parent or guardian.

    Thankfully, women, and men, are stepping forward identifying the abusers. In time we may be able to break the chain of violence that is carried down through generations of abusers. Oh, shame with addicts, mostly drunks who raised baby boomers… and beat them under the guise of discipline.


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