Trouble in Paradise: Bristol Joins Track as Divorcee

It’s been a long time since Bristol  Palin admitted she was doing a horrible job raising Tripp.  Remember when she implied she was going to school in Arizona?  Of course she never attended college.


Remember when Track and Britta rushed to marry after Britta was pregnant?

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I’m losng count.  Sarah Palin is mother to two children who’ve had 5 children.  Four of the five grandkids were conceived out of wedlock, and all five are soon to be the offspring of divorced, or never married,parents.

Let’s be clear.  I am sorry for the dysfunctional Palin kids and grandkids.  I am sorry that we’ve been exposed to the antics of the Palin children and grandchildren whenever it suited Sarah.  I’m sorry that Sarah used her children and grandchildren to promote her image as a model of Christian values.  Is this what Sarah meant when she wrote about “Raising smaller republicans?”

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Bristol and Dakota have only one child conceived during their marriage.  Atlee Bay was born in May and Dakota has filed for divorce before that child is one year old.  How sad for Bristol’s kids that they are being raised by a single mother.  It’s even sadder that Sarah wrote in her book that having children out of wedlock was one of the surest ways to end up living in poverty.  It’s sad that Bristol has no education to rely upon to make a living to support her three children.

Maybe Bristol can get her old job back with Dr. Jack Me-off.

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Maybe Bristol and Sarah could launch an entire line of table-shirts.

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Maybe Todd could put her to work.

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Maybe her best friend could get her work.

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Maybe she could just work at the zoo?

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Maybe she could do a new commercial for the Candees Foundation, and talk about her new “situation”, being a single mother of three, and having no education or other means of support.




Maybe she could join the Rodeo.

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Whatever job she takes, it is a shame that she is responsible for three innocent children.

27 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise: Bristol Joins Track as Divorcee

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  1. Could she qualify for a job in the white house if trump does not resign in the next month? Wasnt there a child with mark from the dancing with the stars stint?


  2. Well should be proud of her for followingher heart. And for never revealing such things to the media which is why people create lies. We should remember Dakota said in January when things were good that Bristol is the strongest and most determined person ever. And that he felt bad because he could see he made her weaker.

    I did notice that everyone verbally abuses her the female for choosing divorce while ignoring that to date 2 woman have wanted a divorce from him. It doesn’t mean anything. Divorce isn’t bad or anti Christian. She has the support of her amazing family and she has a wonderful foundation.

    She knows she a good mom because she’s raised the best 9 yr old. But she’s humble and admits she’s not perfect like liberals profess themselves to be. More power to her. If she can survice sociopaths (Tripp’s word) who said sailor wasn’t dakotas, she can survive people lying now.


    1. It plainly states in the divorce papers that HE is filing against HER.
      HE is LEAVING HER.
      Ignoring facts doesn’t negate them, doll.
      He can’t stand her, and is dumping her.
      The new testament plainly states that divorce is anti-christian, and a SIN to put you in hell over, except in cases of adultery. Jesus said “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder” when he was questioned about divorce.
      Maybe you should get your preacher to read you that part. Your blind faith in palins has blinded you to your god and his son, and what is in their bible.


    2. You are barking up the wrong tree gracie, too bad fox no news stifles their viewers and does not want them to think or behave. The brainwashing and whitewashing really did work.


  3. These Palins go through relationships like Sarah goes through clothes. Family values, commitment, responsible parenting, monogamy? Mom really instilled those GOP Christian values: talk a big show, but do whatever the F you like.

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  4. Happy Valentines Day Bristol and Dakota, who love a sactificial Jesus with the locked-in perspective of a 4yr old rather than maturing their spiritual lives. Did Jesus say who is getting the modified hospital bracelet from Sailor’s November birth, or maybe that will go on eBay to pay some single-mom bills?


  5. Does anyone know what happened to the DWTS baby? It was obvious she was pregnant – and especially after that picture of her was posted where she was wearing a vest to try to cover her tummy. That makes at least 4 children.


  6. Grace…Emily…FreeMelania…but everlastingly Alicia, how sad it must be for you that despite your longstanding devotion to the Palin clan, you will never win their attention and favor. Bristol’s “mothering” skills are completely unknown to you apart from pics she routinely shares on Instagram that end up on the DM “femail” page. What the world knows is that she played a nasty game with Dakota Meyer after the birth of Sailor and sought to minimize his contact with his daughter to the point that it was indefensible. Alicia, that is NOT good “mothering” by Bristol Palin. Why Dakota ended up marrying her is a mystery but I suspect that he wanted some stability for his child. Now he has 2 daughters with her. I’m sure he moved the family to TX because he knew that he’d have some control with custodial rights down the line so that Bristal can’t just swan off to Alaska and pull her b.s. once again by restricting access to his kids. You may have had a single photo op with the Palin family but you are not, nor will you ever be, in their orbit. Just for the record, Dakota Meyer is no prize. I feel very sad for Tripp, Sailor, and Attley because divorce is always the hardest on children. The majority of liberals definitely do not profess to be perfect. Your reflexive, broad brush swipe at liberals reveals lazy posturing and spouting on your part.


  7. Bristol acknowledges birthing three children–Tripp, Sailor and Atlee, though on questionable birth dates. I wonder where Bristol’s DWTS child is today?

    Those DWTS costume people sure had their work cut out, trying to hide Bristol’s pregnancy behind some ridiculous outfits. Bristol was a horrible “dancer”. All she did was shake her boobs while Mark dragged her around the floor.

    I’m definitely not a fan of Dakota, but I hope he gets DNA tests done and writes a tell-all book about the whole rotten Palin clan.


  8. She joins many who support your site Malia. Are you going to trash them too or are you jealous Bristol’s now happy and no longer has a manic, constantly filming egotist husband? I hate how he changed but shit happens. They had a good time up until recently, then she fled the scene.


  9. Malia – These two freaks were never compatible! The whole thing was a scam concocted by the Wasilla Loon, LLC. Once the divorce is final, and all of the child custody issues are resolved, and Bristol returns to Wasilla, AK, Bristol can start looking for a “lumbersexual”. LOL


  10. Malia, when they come after you, you know you’ve hit a nerve. I am no fan of divorce, I’ve stuck with my hubby 35 years and it takes hard work at times. That being said, these are the Palins and not one of their offspring know compromise, only fisticuffs when they don’t get their way. Proven time and again, brawl anyone? They learned at their parents’ knee how it’s done. I predict the same failure for Willow, although she seemed the more coherent of all of them.


  11. Oh my goodness. To normalize the behavior, the brawls, the dysfunction is simply disgusting. Ms sara palin created a real shit show for all to see. The bright shining star of the republican party really knows how to stink up the place. And now the next generation of stupid. I don’t give duhkota a pass as he jumped in it for whatever reasons. It is hard to even debate with functional ignorance of families like this. These people have zero respect, manners or morals. And NO desire to improve their character.


  12. Over the past couple of days there have been many articles posted concerning the divorce of of Bristol ad Dakota. Lovely pictures have also been posted with the articles of them with the three children. My concern is for Tripp. He has been through so much with his mother – family brawls, numerous men going in and out of his life, so little stability. The moments of stability were fleeting. I honestly do not think he should be living with her. His dad would be a healthier option. Bristol is unstable.


    1. Someone said Tripp is being offered a spinoff series of Bristol Palin – Life’s A Tripp. It will be called Tripp Palin – My Mom’s A Slut.


  13. When men abuse women where is the treatment plan for them? Where is the mental healthcare for them? Where is the counseling for both abuser and victim? We can go on and on about this problem but where is the treatment plan? Men skate away to do it again. It must be mandatory that the abuser and victim complete mental counseling, healthcare and treatment for this crime.


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