Stephen Colbert Reports on The White House Defending a Bad Man

4 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert Reports on The White House Defending a Bad Man

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  1. haha Just noticed that an old story bristol posted on Feb 8, the day they mutually filed the papers, was of her grinning huge with the caption “today is a beautiful day.”


  2. The degree of incompetence is mind boggling. You have to be a Fed or former Fed to really appreciate (or fear) the level of chaos and total ignorance. This is not a chain store or bank where a VP who got caught with farm animals can get account access to all company files, because someone on the board of directors has his back. This is bombs and missiles and spies and massive destruction if the data is not secure.

    Congress is finally taking action, investigating security clearances. Porter’s violated Federal Security rules because he had access not included in his security level. We need to know who has the proper clearances for their job functions.

    We need to know how 45 managed to get top security clearance. His six bankruptcies disqualify him for access to any Federal financial data, thus making him not qualified for Federal employment. The GOP Bush administration added the financial standards and purged thousands of Feds for poor credit ratings. So what is the deal with security? Does being elected by the Electoral College waive security standards? U.S. banks won’t loan 45 money, but we give him Fort Knox and missiles.


  3. Each day that passes is internal panic. We simply cannot ignore, turn the channel, turn off or cancel service to combat the evil happening in this country and around the world. We await Mr. Mueller cutting off the blood supply to this evil hateful group by removing the trump cancer from our bodies. We await social media to remove the unidentified evil lurking from their websites. We await corporations to end funding to the enemy within our borders and around the world.
    We await and hope for relief from the stress of seeing innocent humans suffer. I have lots to say but words cannot describe the pain I feel today.
    We await our paid elected servants to end citizen united, the nra and various hate groups infecting our children and fueling death.

    We the American people await and hope for change right now today.


  4. Just a thought – did Dakota simply just not like living with Tripp? Some say Bristol seems like the kind of mom (and there have been many) who would choose the stepdad over the stepdads behavior toward the stepson, just so a man takes care of her.


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