Trevor Noah Laughs at Trump Throwing Himself a Military Parade

9 thoughts on “Trevor Noah Laughs at Trump Throwing Himself a Military Parade

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  1. Jeez, Malia!! Are you ready to come up for a breath of fresh air? What is today?? Yikes!! Only Tuesday!! Each day I think it cannot get crazier. Silly me!! Somehow it does. This Porter scandal is not going away anytime soon – and on it goes – the incredible lies and nonsense. Does anyone in The White House speak a word of truth??


  2. I had a feeling when Bristol left Dakota at Shot Show in Vegas 2 weeks ago she was officially done. Good girl. Her family all unfollowed him before xmas and he didn’t unfollow until a week ago. He still follows a few. She’s stll close to his mom though.


    1. She keeps bringing kids into the world to fix her and do the work for her that only she can do for herself. Same goes with her quest for a man.

      Those poor kids will repeat their moms ignorance and mistakes unless they get help.

      Of course, watch her announce her next pregnancy next month. So sad. Refuses to ask for help, PROUD and ARROGANT like her former governor mom. Pride will kill them, if the booze and drugs doesn’t first.


  3. It is mind boggling that this draft dodger is demanding a military parade. The master, five deferment Cheney, never mentioned a parade. For baby boomers, there were only two types of countries that put the head guy on a podium and paraded a bunch of weapons and Broadway style choreography, Nazis and Communists. Veterans and military leaders should be calling out this hypocrisy. So far only one veteran has shown the leadership to protest and call out Cadet Bone Spurs.

    45 is really having female problems. Wife beaters on his staff, affairs with porn stars, Melania distancing herself, now a female war vet who lost her bone spurs (and limbs) in Iraq is calling him names.


  4. Time for Mr. Mueller to call him out. Hello Cadet Bone Spur? May I have a moment of your time, we have important business to discuss with you today. Did you know that “Treason” is a very serious crime in America? Do you know that the soil that you stand on today is the blood of our Grandfathers? Do you know what they did to those that committed “Treason” against the United States of America? You sir are in a very deep shithole filled with “Treason” You sir are a liar, cheat and con. May a thousand camels fart in your face today and lead you to your fate.


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