Sarah Palin Lives in a Glass House; The Stones She Threw at David Kernell Shattered His Short Life

Kernell’s family never had to get restraining orders preventing David from hurting them.

Kernell volunteered for Tennessee Voices for Children, a child advocacy non-profit group. Later, he moved to California and worked to develop facial recognition software that could identify children at risk of abuse.  Track Palin has never volunteered to do anything.

Before stepping into the national spotlight, Kernell graduated in 2006 from Germantown High School in the Memphis suburb of Germantown, where two years earlier he won the Tennessee Open Scholastic Chess Championship.  I doubt that any Palin family member knows how to play chess.

 Rep. Jim Coley, Barlett Republican and family friend, said David was a good man, like his father and grandfather, Sam Kernell, who fought in both World War II and the Korean War.

“David picked up his good virtues from his father and his grandfather,” Coley said. “I was very sorry to learn about David’s death.”

The saddest thing is that Palin is now using the death of Kernell in an attempt to bring attention to herself.  Palin attempts to portray herself as a compassionate person, even though in the case of David Kernell she was vengeful and did everything in her power to get him the longest sentence possible.  Once again we see Palin for the person she is.

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12 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Lives in a Glass House; The Stones She Threw at David Kernell Shattered His Short Life

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  1. And remember, Mrs. Palin attacked and bullied bloggers and local residents that expressed their views of her. She is a abusive female and bully. She should be held accountable as well for damages in court as this young man was.


  2. So, the Wasilla loon didn’t care what happened to David Kernell before, but upon his recent death she is expressing sympathy. Please! She needs to leave his memory, his family, and friends alone!

    Sarah likened the hack into her email to “Watergate”! Really? She was partially to blame for the ease in which her email was hacked because she used a password and cyber questions that were easy to guess! But, she didn’t take any responsibility and she didn’t want leniency toward David Kernell. She wanted revenge! And, she had her daughter, Bristol, swear under oath that she was afraid for her life after the hack even though the emails, phone numbers, and password that were made public brought no harm to the Palins! It was all about Sarah Palin and she made damn sure someone paid for the intrusion! David did his time and moved on. What have the Palins done for their community?

    P.S./OT FYI – Sarah isn’t on the list of speakers at CPAC this year.

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  3. To “freeMelania”– anyone who thinks Sarah Palin “threw no stones” is not in touch with reality. Sarah is FAR from “a good person” and should stay out of the public eye, forever!


  4. Remember at the time Bristol claimed she was afraid for her life, she said she was all alone in a house far from anyone else….except for the Secret Service agents that were there, of course. Levi was with her, too, IIRC. This family is a disgrace, attacking others when their own history is full of scandal and abuse. Palin should keep her thoughts to herself and let the Kernell family grieve in peace. They don’t need insincere messages of condolence that she posts online for everyone to see proof of her alleged Christianity.

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  5. When are we going to start placing the blame on cheap, lazy, irresponsible high profile people and companies who fail to secure their accounts and equipment?
    If someone can guess your password or PIN, it is not “weak,” it sucks! The password is a lock, not a door latch. If you want to secure it with a twisty, like Palin, someone will get in. You are much safer with a complicated password or PIN written for easy access than something you can easily remember. Your personal info is all over social media for hackers or mischievous friends to use when guessing your password.

    (Just a side note, check the desktops or laptops businesses use. Try to see the software or hardware stamps. If you see old versions of Windows, older Intel processors, or just an older model PC, your data is not safe. Businesses spend big on marketing and ads, and go cheap on systems. When you wait a while for a transaction at checkout, the company wouldn’t spend a couple hundred extra on the proper size network.)

    (Yes, I’m a grumpy, old, retired Defense Dept. financial systems manager who fought constantly for secure systems to protect Federal funds and personal data.)

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  6. Malia, wasn’t Kernells felony destruction of evidence and hindering a federal investigation? The email intrusion was a misdemeanor. Sarah’s testimony didn’t even touch on the actual crime he served time for? If he thought this was such an innocent prank then why did he go to such lengths to hide it by trying to wipe his hard drive? In our zeal to link Sarah to Kernells death aren’t we doing exactly what his family asked us not to do? Make his short life about this moment ten years ago?


    1. Anon,
      Yes the felony count was the charge of obstruction of justice, but PALIN testified about the misdemeanor charge . If her testimony wasn’t important to the sentencing, I don’t think anyone would have had her come to offer evidence.

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