Trump Releases “Fake News”; Favors Redaction of the Truth

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“Fake News” are the two words that Donald Trump has used most often during his first year as President.  He describes any negative press as “fake news.”  Now Trump is personally involved in promoting “Fake News”.  He previously ordered the disclosure of the Nunes memo which was described as dishonest and misleading.”

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Now that full disclosure is needed, Trump has blocked the release of the response by House Intelligence Committee Democrats to their Republican counterparts.  How could anyone allege that the  FBI and Department of Justice officials used politically biased information to spy on a Trump campaign adviser, but then object to the release of an unredacted memo providing clarification of the original?  Even though Congress unanimously voted earlier this week to make the Democratic memo public,  Trump’s approval was needed for the release of the memo.  The full House of Representatives could vote to overrule the president.

The White House’s rejection Friday night, which came in the form of a statement from White House counsel Don McGahn, included a letter from FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that identifies “information for which national security or law enforcement concerns are especially significant.”

Democrats blasted the decision.

“After ignoring urging of FBI & DOJ not to release misleading Nunes memo because it omits material facts, @POTUS now expresses concerns over sharing precisely those facts with public and seeks to send it back to the same Majority that produced the flawed Nunes memo to begin with,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif), the top Democrat on the intelligence panel, tweeted on Friday.  Trump favors redacting the truth from the second memo.

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10 thoughts on “Trump Releases “Fake News”; Favors Redaction of the Truth

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  1. I read somewhere he does not read his daily briefings. Apparently, he has them read to him as he can not focus on reading long enough to get through the briefing by trying to read it.

    In this case – I believe the memo sent to him is 10 pages long. Impossible for him. What a dimwit.


  2. OK here is another case of spin this SOB is doing. He screams that innocent men have lost their job by false accusations by women. Yeah his rapist abusive friends are losing jobs right and left. BUT !!!! and this is a big one. Trump also has hired skanky trump women going out and setting up innocent professional men around the country.
    Here is how it worked. Innocent college professor freguents a bar/restaurant on way home from work from the day at usual time. Probably tracked by his apple phone. She the skank is there waiting casually having dinner. She flirts says hi and manages to follow him home. He is drugged, passes out. The crime is staged while he is drugged and asleep. She is hit in the face by the staging crew, bleeds everywhere in the home, throws sex toys out. He awakes and wonders what happened. He is then charged with rape, assault etc., He is forced to pay attorneys to prove his innocence or pay her demanded extortion fee. These are trump women skanks known as criminal lying whores, they have set up professional innocent men that have no history of abusing anyone or anything. She is part of this spinning trump shitshow. And this is why he says poor innocent men losing jobs today. Yes his friend rapist are losing their job but the real men losing their job by his skank criminal women setting them up is the “Real” crime and the “Real” professional men losing their jobs due to lying trump women staging rape with help. Hint. If you see a skank women sitting in front of a huge trump sign? It is a trump skank woman liar criminal whore setting up innocent professional men.


  3. The governor is 54 at midnight.
    When the clock strikes 12, remember the math:
    “54. 5+4=9. 9 rhymes with Swine. No accident.”


  4. Wow, who saw that coming? I am shocked!

    Before you rush to judgement, stop and consider this. It’s 10 pages, 45 does not read. So it may have nothing to do with politics. 45 can’t release it without reading all 10 pages. Ain’t gonna happen. And, there may be more to this, maybe 45 is summoning his inner Danny Trejo when it comes to reading.


  5. If you have time check out an article on The Raw Story by Steven Rosefeld, Alternet. The title is “Here are 50 reasons why you despise George W.Bush”.
    I was surprised how many of the items on the list I had forgotten about. Reading it made me irritated with him all over again!!


  6. Trump can’t handle the truth! This imbecile can’t read a 10 page memo. What good is he if he can’t even sit through a daily intelligence meeting? He is fat, lazy, completely out of touch with America, and has nothing to offer anyone!.

    PS/OT – There should be an immediate investigation into why Rob Porter remained Trump’s secretary even though Trump, Kelly, Conway, Hicks, and Huckabee-Sanders knew he was not in compliance with his security clearance. Porter was able to handle, read, copy, file, correlate all documents that were given to Trump or passed over his desk – classified or not. Porter quit because he got caught, not because Trump and Kelly dismissed him. He knew that his two ex-wives had the paperwork and photos to prove his DV issues so he quit! But up until the day he quit, Porter was still Trump’s secretary, he was still Hope Hicks lover, and he was still in control of the paperwork to and from POTUS!


  7. Damage control other dotard general Kelly allowed the parade of unvetted no security Clarence Russian operatives throughout the whitehouse. Dotard don partied with Russian operatives at the marlardo dump site without a care in the world.


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