Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at a Horrible Week

It’s hard to pick what to write about this morning, as there have been so many horrible …outrageous things coming out of the White House.  The Military Parade, the Rob Porter scandal, the government shut down, the escalating national debt, the departure of McCabe, the release of the Nunes memo, the refusal to testify of Bannon and Lewandowski,  are just a few of the reasons people in America may feel that the condition of the country is worse than ever.

Remember when Trump convinced people that the tax cuts would be “rocket fuel” for the economy.

The tax cut passed.  Yet, yesterday,  the Dow hit a free fall.  It plummeted  1032 points, now down 10% from record; S&P 500 drops 3.7% to new low for week.  Thus even the economy is a source of high anxiety.

The U.S. unemployment rate continues to sink, hitting a 17-year low in November (4.1 percent), and job seekers are finding work more easily than at any time since the mid-90s. Openings in the United States have now topped roughly 6 million for five months in a row, a record streak, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The problem is that “If you have less labor, you’re going to have less growth,” he said, “unless it’s compensated by more technology or higher productivity.”

There is a significant need for low skilled immigrants to fill jobs.  There is also a growing need for high-skilled immigrants who can fuel innovation, job creation and economic growth. Like it or not, our nation needs immigrants to grow and prosper in the decades ahead.  Perhaps the aversion to immigrants coming into the country is the single biggest reason to explain the sudden drop in the optimism of the markets.

Thus, we need relief.  The best relief I can offer, is late night humor.

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  1. Malia

    You have probably read by now the young man who hacked Palin and was convicted of a felony has died from MS/complications. Heartbreaking. Wonder what she is thinking of today.


  2. For a guy who owned casinos, 45 is one dumb MF. The stock market is no longer a measure of productivity, of us producing products. It measures bets on businesses and how much money the bookies aka. stock brokers are moving. Playing stocks is the equivalent of going to the track. You have no idea what is going on in the stables with horses and jockeys. You have no idea what is going on in the boardrooms.
    I keep harping back to 9/11 when a bunch of people knew the attacks were coming and placed put options, bets the stock prices would fall in September, on the businesses affected by the attacks. The same thing happened before the Las Vegas shootings, a spike in bets on the casino stock dropping.

    45 placed his money on an unrealistically high stock market and lost, big time. It was due for a correction. The poorly constructed GOP tax bill looks like it is actually driving stocks down due to a lack of research on the economics of the changes.


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