What Do Todd Palin, Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Rob Porter, Steve Bannon, Cory Lewandowski, and Ted Neugent Have in Common?

What do Todd Palin, Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Rob Porter, Steve Bannon, Cory Lewandowski, and Ted Neugent have in common?  They each mistreat, abuse, and have become violent with women.    Each are conservatives.  Each directly, or through a spokesperson, have denied the allegations.  Each have had women speak out documenting the abuse.  Each have been directly or indirectly been tied to Donald Trump.

Todd Palin was a pimp.  Sarah defended Todd and endorsed Trump.

Image result for boys will be boys shailey trippImage result for boys will be boys shailey tripp

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Trump has himself had at least 14 women come forward to confirm sexual abuse.  Yet he denies it.

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Roy Moore abused minors.  Inspite of these allegations, Trump explicitly endorsed Moore.

Rob Porter was chosen by Trump as his staff secretary in spite of knowledge of the allegations of domestic abuse.  

Porter denied the allegations but resigned on Wednesday.


The Daily Mail documented allegations that Porter “dragged” his second wife, Jennifer Willoughby, out of a shower during an argument and, on another occasion, punched a glass window while he was present in their apartment in violation of a separation agreement. The Daily Mail quotes ex-wife Colbie Holderness, meanwhile, as saying that Porter held her down and choked her during arguments and once punched her in the face during a vacation.

Porter joins a list of current and former Trump-world figures who have been accused of violence against women that includes former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, former White House adviser Steve Bannon, and Trump himself.

Steve Bannon was chosen by Trump as one of his chief strategists.  Bannon was one of the more outrageous misogynists of our time.

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Headlines published by Breitbart News have included “Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism or Cancer?” “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” and “There’s No Hiring Bias Against Women in Tech, They Just Suck at Interviews

Court documents, also obtained by The New York Post, detailed accusations that Bannon attacked his ex-wife. Divorce paperwork from 1996 states that the media mogul grabbed then-wife Mary Louise Piccard “by the throat and arm,” and threatened “to take the girls [the couple’s twin daughters] and leave.”

A woman who worked with Bannon reported that he said that the problem with an employee was that she “was a woman in a man’s job” and he often openly discussed women’s “boobs,” calling them “titties.” She also reported that at a company party,  she danced with Bannon and he “held my wrist tightly and told me that once I’d done it with him, I’d never want to do it with anyone else.”

In recordings obtained by BuzzFeed News, Bannon referred to a female colleague as a “bimbo” and vowed to take comments the woman made about the safety of the research facility they worked at and “ram it down her fucking throat.”

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Cory Lewandowski-slapped woman on butt twice.

Ted Nugent admitted to being addicted to having sex with underage women.

Sarah Palin and Nugent were invited to the White House as personal friends of Trump.  No doubt they discussed common attitudes about women during their dinner.

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13 thoughts on “What Do Todd Palin, Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Rob Porter, Steve Bannon, Cory Lewandowski, and Ted Neugent Have in Common?

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  1. What do they have in common? Pick me! Pick me! They are all ugly pheckers?
    They are all pigs? They are all allegeded men? I can’t guess!


  2. Guaranteed that all or most real me too people feel abused again by having trump and his selection of rapist, abusers and bullies in charge of our country. It is a crime to allow these crooks another day to abuse millions of victims of abuse, you can bet they are suffering from the last 2 yrs of this outrageous scam. The women defending and standing with these abusive assholes are beat me ignorant women with zero self respect and abusers themselves…


  3. Counter checklist on Twitter says he seen the tape of trump raping 13 year old girl. I wish the FBI would get so angry that someone would release that tape. But of course his followers would just excuse it. She was a beautiful little girl and some jerk published her picture online. There were two witnesses to that rape and it was taped. When is Trump going to be accountable for that? They’re all a bunch of monsters.


  4. Just throwing this out there…. All the attacks on the FBI and Justice Dept. got ramped up just before we found out Porter was denied the security clearance he needed to do his job. This administration has a two year history of “Shoot the messenger” responses to bad news.

    The media needs to be asking who else is not allowed to access high level data? Who else has been denied the security clearance level required by their jobs?

    And why is a lightweight like Hope Hicks given such a critical position (pun intended) in the White House?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. But the FEC, FBI, CIA etc. is responsible for doing their own investigation and surveillance of his history and character. This is unacceptable when any con and rapist can rig and occupy the highest office under deceit and illegal actions. WTF? And then parade several bad actors through the white house? Good gosh !!!!


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