Jimmy Kimmel-Hair to the Chief!

3 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel-Hair to the Chief!

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  1. Trump and Putin does not like opposition. So lets send them OPPOSITION. No Olympics for putin, NO parade for trump. NO tax dollars for congress. No mercy when all is charged with treason. Americans are mad as hell and demand that this shitshow of bad actors and celebrity show failures to leave the building. GET OUT YOU ARE FIRED is all they know.


  2. This images must be driving the White House nuts. His baldness finally was outed by Mother Nature. How ironic! It is now obvious that the times 45 allowed people to pull on his hair, they were coached on what to grab. It was either well cemented or a strong weave, connected to whatever is left on his head.

    The timing is amazing, just as 45 asks for a phallic symbol parade to show off, he gets outed as the balding movie monster everyone suspected. Mother Nature turned out to be Delilah, figuratively shearing Samson’s locks.
    The writers can’t get enough of it. Finally, some gags that don’t involve people being hurt by the insane policies and actions of the GOP and White House.


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