The Worst Bad Hair Day For the Very Worst Bad-Hair-President!

Friday was a really bad hair day for the President of the United States who is so arrogant and self-absorbed that he deserves all the bad wishes we can send his way.

Normally I wouldn’t laugh at anyone because of their physical appearance.  However in Trump’s case I will make an exception.  He has himself mocked people’s appearance.  He called Marco Rubio “little Marco.”

He mocked Carly Fiorina’s face.

He insulted Mika  Brzezinski by suggesting that she was bleeding from  face lift.

Louise Sunshine was one of Trump’s employees.  He said he kept a “fat” picture of her in his desk.

He described the German gold-medal winning Olympic Ice Skater Katarina Witt, as having a bad complexion, and he said she was “built like a linebacker”.

He said Rosie O’Donnell’s face was fat and ugly.

Trump told Howard Stern that he’d slept with women who had “extraordinarily bad breast jobs’ and ‘pancake tits’.”

Trump criticized Cher’s wig.

Trump criticized Arianna Huffington’s appearance and suggested that her husband made a good decision to leave her for a man.

Trump insulted the 1996 Miss Universe winner and Venezuelan actress Alicia Machado by calling her Miss Piggy.


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20 thoughts on “The Worst Bad Hair Day For the Very Worst Bad-Hair-President!

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  1. One has to wonder where his incredible vanity comes from. Without it he just might be a slight tinge less insufferable as he is. But maybe not.


  2. Trump has insulted so many since he forced and rigged his way into our life. He deserves zero respect.
    Looks like another winner of trumps cabinet has resigned. Rob Porter. It is Hope Hicks new boyfriend too. Unfortunately Rob is another abuser. He likes to kick, slap, choke and beat up on his new brides. What a guy. Trump likes him. Hope likes him. His 2 x wives divorced him.


  3. The man lives in a world of delusion. He pines to be an absolute tyrant. Lie upon lie upon lie … his whole idea of himself is a mirage based on inventions in his head..Yet he’s President. Very disturbing.


  4. We know he has a HUGE bald spot after the scalp stretch failed (and he beat and raped Ivana fit it). We know he has a large butt crack scar under that mess. The last image of this post gives a good look at the back right missing hair. Shave his head and you get a Steven King character. Gotta wonder if he has the mange……


  5. When I first saw the picture of Trump’s hair blowing up in the back and exposing his scalp – I was repulsed. His very interesting hair style is just like him – all show.
    I read somewhere about him having scalp reduction surgery – do you know what that is?
    In any event – I agree with you about being careful to not make unkind remarks about another person’s appearance. I will step beyond that boundary to say he has become uglier this past year. I think he has always been an ugly person on the inside – and it is showing in his physical demeanor and appearance. Just plain yuk.


  6. Donald John Trump said one thing that was right!! Its amazing. Yep, We have never seen such a parade of lousy actors, deceit, child molesters, abuse of power, rapist and bullies all in one year. Many of us have been vocal for over 10yrs about the so called tea party led by sarah palin, ted cruz, and the other brightest shining stars. Many knew of the corruption of trump and friends. Many knew that fox no news was bamboozling their viewers for many many years by rush, beck, riley.
    The owners of these networks are nasty dirty humans. They are so deranged, and not held accountable for their actions. They are fueled by Viagra, opioids, sex drugs, porn and disgusting behavior. It is time to hold them accountable and shame them to their fate.
    As we slept Donald spent trillions of hard earned tax dollars while he claims to pay none. His citizen united congress of both democrats, republicans and yes independents voted yes on behalf of all americans. Americans are taxed without representation today. The corruption is rubbed into our face daily. The abuse continues. The waste continues, The situation worst. May Justice come quick and swift to those involved in this reality shitshow from the shitholes.


  7. This is totally off topic (and I apologize) but I read somewhere in a comment that David Kernell, who accidentally hacked into Palin’s Yahoo account back during the 2008 campaign and who served prison time for it, died recently. He had been diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago. I then found an article in USAToday. Do you know any more details, Malia? Unfortunately, I do not know how to link to articles, etc.


      1. There’s something about it now on Immoral Minority. He had a particularly aggressive form and was being treated at Mt. Sinai in California. Very sad. He should never have been prosecuted.


  8. Since Trump apparently isn’t going to invest time or money into hair implants, a wig, or a toupee, he should consider a buzz cut and own his baldness! If his hair flies off in the wind then he can only blame himself for not taking care of that ugly mess on his head that he calls hair! Yuck! .

    P.S. Yes, David Kernell did pass away. He died from “progressive” MS. David Kernell paid his dues and moved on with his life. It’s just so sad that it was cut short at 30.


  9. Internal pain causes disease. It can be encouraged with certain conditions. Disease can be inherited too. Advancement in medicines and early detection is key. All human life is important and worth saving.


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