Stephen Colbert on Trump’s Fear of Robert Mueller

4 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert on Trump’s Fear of Robert Mueller

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  1. People MAGAzine came out with an article regarding the creators of celebrity apprentice, The making of the character Donald trump as a billionaire, Yep the Billionaire character of Donald trump is a scam for the reality show, And here we are, the scam billionaire don trump posing as usa president. Oh what a real shithow it has been. A dangerous rapist, abuser bully and created billionaire to scam americans out of a usa presidential election and steal, abuse and harass the First Female President in US History. President Hilary Rodham Clinton was another victim of Donald trump and his mob of abusers. And we witnessed it. But majority did not vote for it.
    I expect law enforcement to handcuff and remove this dangerous criminal from the people house, strip him of all assets, privilege, security and ability to continue this scam today. I expect congress to restore order and reverse all executive orders, appointments, tax changes that this fraud committed.


  2. How Was Sarah At Rockefeller Center Taking Pictures Of Her "hairdresser" daughter's engagement? something's whack!!!!!? says:

    Is trump going to be asked about his leggy 24 year old daughter ivanka giving up her p###y to grammpa quincy 78-yr-old Jones? What does transgender Jared think about this?


  3. Talk about a one – two punch. First we have 45’s advisors giving him a direct order. Wrong strategy with a two year old; he will do the opposite. Colbert administers a great visual taunt that will haunt 45 every time he orders chicken. Call him a coward and he will try to prove he’s not. He will go to his mind and pull up 1,300 lawsuits he dealt with, even if he only testified in person once or twice. The ego will send him to Mueller.


  4. Confirmed at last, the bad Russians hacked our voting pools in several states. Yep, in my little az town I noticed it since about 2011, then the gerrymandering, and hacking into county systems, attacked attorneys, college professors, banks, payrolls. Complaints about the machines, no paper ballots, etc. And then junk mail galore, Russian girls want you, get hard, tactical this and that, and scientology jump in also. Oh it has been fun!! The State Bar even sent out warning to attorney’s. And they had help from the local tea party characters, from certain internet corps, from cell phone corps, from security corps, and more.


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