One Woman’s Solution to Healthy Eating

A Maine woman claims she found a dead lizard in her salad after purchasing romaine lettuce from a supermarket in New Hampshire.

Michelle Carr wanted to save money by making her salad at home.  She bought a bag of romaine lettuce from her local supermarket and made her own salad, trying to eat healthy food and limit her calories.  As she was eating her home-made salad, she discovered a dead lizard on her fork.

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Michelle was horrified!  However the truth is that lizards have been reported to have many health benefits, including:

1. Provide energy

2. Improve stamina

3. Prevent asthma attack

4.  Cure epilepsy.

5.  Heal skin disease.

6.  Cure acne.

7.  Prevent gland disorder

8. Promote flatulence

9. Relieving muscle stiffness

10. Fight cancer

11. Help to cure digestion problem

12. Cure hemorrhoid

13. Prevent from stroke

14. Promote long life

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Image result for funny lizard

3 thoughts on “One Woman’s Solution to Healthy Eating

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  1. So cute. Many believe insects are good to eat. “They” say we eat them whether we know it or not in foods. Venoms from snakes and other reptiles and urchins have amazing research. We must stay open to cures. I am going to the cancer center of America soon. I hope that it is all that it says it is. And they have a cure for trump cancer (:


  2. Another reason 45 eats McDonald’s, no lizards. That he knows of…. I always wonder what gets swept up in institution size packages of artificial food. How many potato beetles in that big bag of fries. Any hooks or hookworm in the fish filets? Then there’s McRib, the barbecue sauced pork substitute.

    Lizard does taste like chicken, but the average American stomach may need a while to adapt to the added organisms in lizard meat.


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