What’s Wrong With This Picture of Trump and Young, Exposed Women?

This is the video of Donald and Melania Trump as they greeted the band and cheerleaders outside Mar a lago before their Super Bowl Party last year.

This was the scene from the Superbowl Party this year.  Donald was wearing the same suit, tie, and shirt.  Melania was wearing the same pants.  The cheerleaders were wearing 1/2 the clothes. Trump only shook hands with the cheerleaders this year, instead of the members of the band too.

The really sad thing is that Trump entirely missed the national anthem because he was shaking hands with the cheerleaders.

Image result for trump cheerleaders

Ask yourself which is worse…an African-American player taking a knee in protest of violence while the anthem is sung, or…the President of the United States palling around with scantily clad young women, while his wife watches, instead of listening to the national anthem?  Who are these cheerleaders and why are they “cheering” outside Mar a lago?  Why are they cheering the man who had an affair with a porn star four months after Melania gave birth to you his son?

Image result for stormy daniels

Why are they cheering a man who laughed about grabbing women by the pussy?

Why are they cheering a man who sexually molested at least 12 other women?

Image result for trump women accusers




2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture of Trump and Young, Exposed Women?

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  1. Trump should be registered as a sex offender today, he and his buddies have gotten away with sex crimes and money laundering long enough. This is outrageous that this man is still standing in our house today. He is not above the law.


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