SNL Features Jackie Giving Melania Advice

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  1. OT.
    Is Track ultimately going to be charged for attempted murder? His pretrial is Friday 9am. Hopefully he upstages Natalie Wood, who’s already been dead for decades. Maybe track and Robert Wagner will be cellmates.


  2. The skit really shows how first ladies maintained their dignity and respect for their position while the men have progressively destroyed the dignity of the office. Obama being the exception. Reagan had dementia. The Bushes were pimps for wartime contractors. Clinton managed to bring adultery to the Oval Office.
    Now we have reached an unthinkable level of evil, never seen before in the White House, treason, money laundering, bigotry, sexism, prejudice, mental illness, sloth, emotional instability, and an appalling lack of intelligence. The look on Melania’s face, that frozen, serious pout, is not as vacuous as it seems. She is trying to hold in the words “Are you shitting me? They are buying this load of crap from Donald and the GOP?!!!”


  3. Today we have the ability to know more. Try to think about the days when USA citizens only found out news by telegraph, radio, newspaper or even one or two national news channels on a black and white tv if your family owned one. Even in recent 100 yrs there are liars and riggers in congress etc. There will always be those that cheat for what ever reasons. With technology we are able to sort it out now. Communication is key. People with the ability to discuss, debate and look to the past problems with open eyes. Ancestry DNA is helping with racial issues. Advanced DNA research is curing disease and discovering ways to treat conditions. These are amazing and important times for the entire world. Unfortunately we are being held hostage temporarily by cadet bone spur and his debt collectors.


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