Release of the Nunes Memo Illustrates the Imperative that Trump Must Go!

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When Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he threatened the very fabric of our democracy and the US Constitution.

By not producing his tax returns, and by retaining ownership of Mar-a-lago and the Trump DC hotel, Donald Trump has violated the emoluments clause of the US Constitution.

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That clause provides that no federal officeholder may, absent express approval by Congress, accept “any present, Emolument,…of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.” It is designed to ensure that federal officials, from the president on down, serve only the interest of the American public, and are not compromised by foreign influence. The emoluments clause is a categorical bar against a president receiving payments from foreign states. Trump blatant financial interest in properties frequented by foreign diplomats is a blatant violation of the Emolument clause.

When Trump fired James Comey, the Director of the  FBI because Comey was investigating Trump, a Constitutional Crisis was the result.

Now, by demanding the release of the Nunes memo, Trump has once again triggered a Constitutional Crisis.  The “Nunes memo” regarding government surveillance of Trump campaign aide Carter Page in 2016 does not contradict the indictments against Paul Manafort or Rick Gates nor explain the plea agreements of Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos, nor extinguish questions about the extent to which Russia interfered in the election—either in collusion with the Trump campaign or not.  It does escalate the conflict underway between Trump and his partisans and the leaders of the American intelligence and law enforcement communities. This conflict began before Trump’s inauguration but now burns hotter than ever as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation inches closer to the president himself. In ordering the release of the Nunes memo, Trump has signaled his willingness to betray the national security community in favor of his own interest. Whether the facts in the memo are true or not, or whether they burn intelligence sources and methods, matters little in comparison to Trump’s egregious calculus of personal interest.

When a FISA Warrant was obtained in October 2016, and renewed three times, there was enough evidence to justify an investigation into Russia meddling in the 2016 election.

John McCain explained that “if we continue to undermine our own rule of law, we are doing Putin’s job for him.”

McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Forces Committee, called on Trump and other elected officials to stop looking at special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation through “the warped lens of politics.”  In a written statement released around the same time the memo was declassified, John McCain characterized the memo and its release as  a “partisan sideshow.” 

The memo alleges that the FBI abused its surveillance authority during an investigation into Carter Page, the President’s former foreign policy adviser.  The triggering event was a 21 October 2016, foreign intelligence surveillance court (Fisa) warrant for electronic surveillance of Carter Page, an energy consultant and sometime Trump adviser who had been under FBI scrutiny since 2013. According to the Nunes memo, a dossier prepared by Christopher Steele and partly funded by the Clinton campaign was “an essential part” of the rationale for the warrant.  We can quibble about what “an essential part” means. Especially since the FBI in an unprecedented Wednesday press release stated: “We have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.” Unmentioned by Nunes were all the other documents that the FBI and the justice department presented to the Fisa court to justify eavesdropping on Page.

To Trumpian true believers, the Nunes memo proves that the FBI and the rest of the Deep State were conspiring to throw the election to Hillary. Of course, this omits the pesky detail that on 28 October 2016, the FBI director, James Comey, announced that he was reopening the Clinton email investigation based on what had been found on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

Guess which late October event had more effect on wavering 2016 voters: Comey’s dramatic public statement raising fresh doubts about the Democratic nominee or a secret warrant against a peripheral Trump adviser?

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told CBS News on Friday that “if the president uses this fake, horrible release of distorted intelligence as an excuse to fire [acting attorney general Rod] Rosenstein or [special counsel Robert] Mueller, it could lead to a constitutional crisis.”

“He has abdicated his responsibilities as commander in chief to protect the American people by protecting our intelligence sources and the rest,” she said of Trump.

Pelosi also called House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes a “stooge for the president.”

“He should not be the chairman of the committee,” Pelosi said. Of the memo, she said: “It’s appalling. It’s a misrepresentation. It isn’t even the release of intelligence material. It’s a release of a distortion of it,” Pelosi said. “They’re not representing the facts to the American people, and yet the president has given it his imprimatur. This is unprecedented to the nth degree.”

How many Constitutional Crises can the country tolerate?  How many times will we as a country tolerate the chaos created by Donald Trump?  It is now an American issue, a constitutional issue, a rule of law issue.  It is now a matter of survival of our government.  We must no longer tolerate the repeated assaults on the US Constitution.   It is no longer about conservative or liberal politics.  It is about survival.  The United States of America can’t afford another three years of Donald Trump as our President.

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14 thoughts on “Release of the Nunes Memo Illustrates the Imperative that Trump Must Go!

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  1. Hi Malia

    Sorry for the down tone comment I left for you yesterday about being exhausted. I think of you each day and the gallant fight you do to maintain your health and well being. I felt foolish later.

    Would like to comment on Nunes and his bizarre behavior. I have to think there is something going on here we are not aware of. I do recall reading somewhere – cannot recall where – about Russian funds involved with a business interest of his – a winery? Have you come across anything about that?

    Nunes’s district is a bit south of where I live – I am in Stanislaus County and he is down in Tulare/Fresno area. He has held onto his position through several elections – although I think this one will be different as he has a challenger who seems really serious about replacing him. Nunes has gone off the rails – do not know what has happened to him since Trump took office – but it has been strange.


    1. Pat,
      Please …don’t apologize. I have many good things happening in my life that I don’t write about. I’ve learned that when blogging, I can’t write about a lot of personal matters as I don’t want to involve my family, and especially my kids. They are all well and doing amazing things, so you know what they say…mothers are as happy as their saddest child…and all three of mine are happy and pursuing their dreams. On my continuing fight for ALS and MS research, I am also very happy with several positive things happening, but again,…won’t write about them on this blog.

      Palin, and now Trump, are so bad for the country that I often feel discouraged too! It seems so obvious, but there are still so many supporters that I feel compelled to keep writing. It’s people like you who make that a meaningful task. Thanks for your loyalty and support!


    1. TaxReturnGate,
      Yes, it was “fake news” when those liberal news shows announced that some scientist theorized that the earth was a globe. As I recall it was Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity that covered the story.


  2. I don’t understand in todays world why America does not have a working FEC or some form of security that does a full and complete profile, background, health, major criminal and financial check on anyone that even campaigns for US President and immediate cabinet etc. Good gosh!!!! And if so? How on earth did trump and that bunch of crooks move into our white house? I must confess, I had not known of mr trump prior to his elevator ride down in his tower to announce it. I may have seen him briefly on his show once. As I recall he disgust me then and I turned the channel. Where is our infrastructure and security? He is like a terrorist to this country today.


    1. 4 peace,
      I think the security branches of govt knew he was a terrorist, but they were afraid to admit what they knew. Remember he was tied into both Republicans and Democrats before he ran.


      1. Malia, yes I could see that this was extremely sensitive and dangerous. We have to know who is who. It did turn up that trump had buddies in positions prior to.
        Carter William Page born June 3, 1971, Navy 3yrs, founder of Global Energy Capital, a one man investment fund. Described as a wackadoodle and idiot by Russia.


  3. How many colluding politicians does it take to unscrew a democracy?

    Interesting that they targeted the Carter Page. Based on their propensity for selecting the most guilty party to protect, their squawking about this particular warrant suggests Page is hiding a lot of the dirt on the collusion and money laundering.
    Somebody needs to tell Germaphobe 45 the investigation is like herpes or hepatitis. Once he accepted hookers from Putin, the political STD was there for life.


  4. Malia – Nunes admitted on TV over the weekend that he didn’t read the backup documentation that the memo was based on. Instead, Nunes had Trey “Benghazi-Benghazi-Benghazi” Gowdy do all of the dirty work for him. Then Gowdy gave Nunes his notes and then Nunes wrote the memo with Donald J. Trump.
    P.S. Pat Padrnos is correct, Nunes does have money invested in a Napa Valley California winery – .Alpha Omega Winery. According to, the question about whether the winery had involvement with Russia is “unproven”. But, according to the company spokesperson, Kelly Carter, the only time the winery did business with Russia was in 2013 when they sold 22 cases of wine through a Russian distributor/broker. The name of the distributor/broker was “Luding”.


  5. Pope Francis tweeted today that humans are made of wretchedness. What a dangerous ignorant “faith”(???). Stuuuupid. And WRONG. We are born luminous. We are made of luminosity. That is our nature. All of life always wins.

    Unless you’re catholic, then you’re a defective powerless sinner balancing on a tightrope above a fiery pit. What a perversion – a decapitation – of what we are. Such a misunderstanding.


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