The Progression of Cup Sizes of Trump’s Women Tells The Real Story

Having spent hours watching Trump’s State of the Union Address, news commentary following, and the Democratic response, it was all I could do to stay awake.  The only thing remarkable about Trump’s remarks was how long they lasted, and how many times Trump applauded his own remarks, clapping over the microphone.  Fact checkers has analyzed the President’s remarks, and reported a variety of claims from “true” to “false”, and everything in between.  There was nothing surprising about the President’s remarks.  He didn’t mention the Russia investigation and he read the speech from a teleprompter, even though he has previously lambasted politicians who rely on teleprompters.

However the most memorable moment of last night came from Stormy Daniel’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.  It wasn’t what she said the was so memorable.  It was the astonishing size of her breasts that everyone will remember.  Nobody could focus on what she was saying.  We were focused on the size of her breasts!

Is she a freak of nature?  Did a surgeon actually find implants that gargantuan?  Nobody watching could keep from gawking at the size of her breasts.

The interesting thing is that as time has gone by, Donald Trump seems to have progressed in his preference for women based not on the appearance, age, intelligence, but based on their breast size.

Ivana was his first wife.  Her bra size was average enough that it wasn’t worth reporting.

Image result for trump's first wife

Marla Maples was his second wife, who appeared to be slightly bigger than Ivanka.  Her bra size is reported to be a 32 D.

Image result for trump's second wife

Melania, his third wife, was noticeably bigger than his two previous wives.  Her bra size is reported now to be a 34D.

Image result for melania trump

However it appears her cup size has changed over time.

Image result for melania trump breastsImage result for melania trump breasts

The importance of cup size, in Trump’s mind, is not limited to his wives or mistresses.

Image result for melania trump breasts

The alleged affair with Stormy Daniels occurred after his marriage to Melania.  Without doubt the biggest difference in Trump’s women is their cup size.  Stormy is reported to have a 36DD cup size.

Image result for stormy daniels kimmel

Image result for stormy daniels kimmelImage result for stormy daniels kimmel


Image result for stormy daniels kimmel


Image result for stormy daniels melania trump breast

It seems Donald Trump’s philosophy of life is “Go big or go home!”

Certainly there is no suggestion that Trump chooses his women based on intellectual distinction, or any other personality trait.

10 thoughts on “The Progression of Cup Sizes of Trump’s Women Tells The Real Story

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  1. Speaking personally, not a one of them varmints is THAT good looking, with or without chestral accoutrements. Not a 10 among them individual and more like minuses when Drumpf is next to them. But that’s just me.

    As an aside- word has it the lawyer that drafted the infamous FBI memo was slapped down in federal court for ineptitude. Jay Sekulow isn’t any better and if I was indicted I’d hope the entire wingnut cabal in congress was prosecuting me because none of these guys could indict a ham sandwich with or without a Grand Jury. Aren’t there any standards for lawyers anymore?


  2. Gotta wonder if 45 hears Marshall Tucker Band’s “Fire on the Mountain” whenever he sees big plastic breasts. “Fire on the mountain, lighting’ in the air, gold in them hills…..”

    OK, the obvious joke, our big fake boob loves big fake boobs.


  3. Hi Malia –

    Been busy – although I check in with you each day. Sometimes just cannot collect my thoughts to frame a sensible comment with all of the crap that is going on around us.

    I recall reading somewhere a comment by a roommate Melania had who said she would disappear for a time and then come back with bigger breasts each time. Weird.

    So much going on right now. This “memo” thing is getting totally insane. Devin Nunes is such a strange guy. His district is a bit south of where I live in Cali. It is a staunch Repub area and I do not know what the ordinary person there thinks about him. Earlier this week the Fresno Bee wrote a scathing editorial about him concerning some of the bizarre behavior he has exhibited since Trump took office. Something really strange about his rabid support of Trump..


    1. Pat,
      Because there are naked pictures of Melania, it is CLEAR that she must have had more than one surgery to enlarge those breasts! Of course its OK if a woman wants to do that, but it’s not OK if that is demanded by a husband.


  4. The breast implant industry is a man made disaster. Women implanted with implants will have health issues from them. Some worst than others. When I look around today at the women falling for this mess I feel bad for them. It is a foreign object in the human body. The immune system will attack. Sad that the FDA is once again behind the approval of this dangerous defective product. The class action in the 90’s was a farse and women were never heard. Now once again the next generation of women are complaining and they too will be silenced. The women standing with trump will be used, abused and dumped.


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