Another One Bites the Dust: First Comey; Now McCabe; Trump’s FBI Problem

3 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust: First Comey; Now McCabe; Trump’s FBI Problem

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  1. Looks like the GOP is dismantling the FBI. Do they realize the FBI is the main agency working to prevent terrorist attacks on US soil? Everyone feeling safer now that 45 and the GOP keep cutting the head off the FBI, bad mouthing the agency’s work?

    Putin, you are a genius! In one year you have shut down most of the Federal government by elimination and not filling upper management positions. You have taken us to a place where we would welcome a Russian invasion, just to have intelligent leadership, even if it means losing some freedom.


  2. McCabe is using his personal time etc. to get the heck out of the insane shitshow before the criminal trial and impeachment process begins. He needs a break from the toxic waste. His life has been harmed enough.


  3. Today it was announced no more Russian sanctions. It was also the same day McCabe said he was stepping down so his announcement overshadowed the sanction story!

    The Nunes “memo” will probably be released tomorrow, the same day as the SOTU. If there are any GOP Congressmen or women who have an ounce of dignity, they should distance themselves from the Trump administration immediately! Whoever approved the release of the Nunes “memo” and didn’t speak up about its validity, its content, or the mental state of Nunes, then they are complicit. The backlash to the “memo” will be harsh and swift There will be no take backs! There will be no do-overs! And, no apologies will be accepted. Voters will remember in November!

    Whoever is in possession of Trump’s Russia pee pee tapes, The Apprentice reality show tapes with Trump’s racist comments, and the Christopher Steele dossier needs to release all of them to the press!


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