Trump Says No Collusion, but Ordered Mueller Firing

At least 18 Times Donald Trump felt the need to deny collusion with the Russians in the 2016 campaign.

Yet the NY Times has uncovered the report that Trump ordered the firing of Robert Mueller last June.

Trump has denied the report.
“Fake news, folks. Fake news,” Trump said when questioned about the revelation.

According to the report, Trump ordered the firing of Mueller, but White House counsel Don McGahn refused to order the Justice Department to fire Mueller because he disagreed with the President’s reasoning.

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Trump has said he has the “absolute right” to fire Mueller if he so chooses.

4 thoughts on “Trump Says No Collusion, but Ordered Mueller Firing

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  1. Could the aliens be controlling the minds of the evangelicals. Ensuring their “beliefs” which are entirely counter intuitive to survival? Who would choose belief over truth? There’s possibly no other explanation for how such monstrous ignorance can exist in modern times, and who similarly has been lured into “belief” in a fat orange arrogant bastard.


  2. The tax exemption is why the RW religious group are giving trump a mulligan besides the predators they harbor. million billion trillions will make some rig lie cheat and steal to protect their lifestyle and crimes.


  3. Fake news? Fake President!

    This is like watching an interrogator slowly torture a criminal. Mueller’s attention to detail is dragging out the investigation. It’s not his fault that there was a bunch of financial crime mixed in with the collusion and obstruction. In the process we get to watch 45 and his minions come unhinged as the legal sharks keep coming closer. The media adds to the fun by reminding the criminals that the sharks are closing in.

    “Fake news!” is the swimmer responding “Dolphin fins!” just before losing a leg.


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