Donald and Melania–Trouble in Paradise!

The mere fact that she didn’t move with Donald to the White House was the first indication of trouble in paradise.
There has been media coverage of the couple indicating that Melania has repeatedly shunned contact with Donald.

Then there have been repeated times that the Donald seems oblivious to the fact that Melania was with him.


He even forgot Melania was with him when she was standing next to him.

The American public loves a glimpse into the private lives of our presidents and their wives. What’s their relationship like? How do they act when they’re being regular humans?

Our current president, Donald Trump, just marked 13 years since he married First Lady Melania, but neither acknowledged the date on any social media pages, nor wished each other a “Happy Anniversary” in public.  Certainly the Donald is no stranger to social media.  Both Donald and Melania were Tweeting…just not about their anniversary.


The two were not spotted on a date privately either. According to The Washington Post, the duo eat most of their meals inside the White House when in town. Maybe they had a romantic dinner instead?



Relationship coach and matchmaker Kristi Price tells Personal Space that, at the rate Donald Trump tweets, he should have included a short note to his wife.

“My whole thing is couples should keep their private life private but Donald blasts social media all the time so it’s almost expected that he would wish his wife a Happy Anniversary but they didn’t do it last year either,” she says, adding tha the two don’t even seem cozy in real life.

“When watching videos of Melania and President Trump, there doesn’t seem to be much adoration between them. ”

Given Melania’s refusal to accompany her husband on his trip to Switzerland, it is hard not to wonder if Trump will make America Great Again by being the first President to get divorced while in office?

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12 thoughts on “Donald and Melania–Trouble in Paradise!

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  1. This poor woman never expected to be shamed in public. She never expected to be watching a parade of hookers and porn stars on national TV talking about affairs going on behind her back. The birth of a child turned her into a mother bear, no longer a prop for a wealthy white guy. She now has a child to worry about. She is wondering what effects Baron’s dad’s dysfunctional behavior have on the child. It is obvious that 45 has no paternal instinct and sees the children as props.

    I would hate to be on the Secret Service team dealing with this mess.


  2. She does not seem to be a happy person right now. She wants her privacy and now her every step and word is scrutinized. Her past nude photos made it big time and she is married to a fool. This past week with the publication of his affair when she was caring for a new born son had to be horrible for her. I don’t think their relationship will survive after Trump is out of office. Perhaps she is doing what she feels she has to do at this point. Just going through the motions.


  3. She could always put on a mustache and dress up like a KFC delivery guy, and be off White House grounds into the sunset before the don even notices, which invariably would be months. Because he only knows autocratic “love”.

    Donald – A guy with no love skills. And, knowing how to insert a penis is not a love skill.


  4. Malia – Trouble probably has been brewing for a long time! Can you imagine waking up to the news that the “other woman” who had an affair with your husband was subsequently paid hush money by your husband’s lawyer, and that the other woman is now on a “Make America Horny Again” tour? The very idea that the other woman, Stormy Daniels, selected that slogan for her tour speaks volumes. Clearly she was thinking of Donald J. Trump when she gave her tour a title so similar to Trump’s campaign slogan! The very idea that it is a coincidence is ludicrous!
    Melania may have made bad decisions when she was younger and she might regret, now that she is older and has a pre-teenage son, that she posed nude during her modeling career, but she doesn’t deserve this! How humiliating for Melania to be put into this sordid mess and how disgusting it must be for her to be married to a lying, cheating, fat, lazy, racist pig!


    1. Sharon,
      I have the impression that Melania came from very humble beginnings so she may have perceived that marrying Donald was a step up from scrubbing floors, …but I’m not so sure!


  5. My intuition tells me that this was an arranged marriage. No woman in their right mind would marry such a scumbag. His documented nasty dirty lying history is enough. He is unlovable, unfu*kable, and unforgivable. He is a stain on America. He is not a good example of a business man, a human nor and most important a president of anything. A disgusting blob boar and whore to the mob. The shithole owes every laundry organization in the world.


  6. Barron looks more like melania and pooty. Arranging usa citizenship cost a lot. And since trump is a known bigly liar? if the shit fits and smells like a rump, than it is.


  7. Melania is not surprised, she comes from a nasty “modeling” world. Poor thing was a piece of predator cake at a very young age. She knows no better and probably pimped out by the trumpser to get bribes and extortion business. If anything she is embarrassed that she is associated with the shithole.


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