Less than Half of Americans Think Trump is Stable!

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Donald Trump described himself as a very stable genius.  However the majority of Americans think that the President is NOT mentally stable.  According to a Quinnipiac University survey released today, 47% of people surveyed thought the President  was NOT stable while 45% thought he was stable.  57% of voters indicated they disapprove of the President’s performance, with only 38% indicating that they approve.  Nearly two-thirds said that the president is doing more to divide the U.S. than unite Americans.

More than half of voters, 58 percent, said the comments the president made about immigrants from other countries last week were racist.

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9 thoughts on “Less than Half of Americans Think Trump is Stable!

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  1. So his hardware works, big deal, that’s not the issue.

    We all know it’s the software that corrupts the computer, makes evil the man.


  2. Trump is a con artist. He is a professional liar. He is a lousy salesman and actor. He has lied himself out of many of lawsuits. And if he needs to? He pays them off to get him off. He is a liar, crook and ugly man inside and out. There is no honor in a liar and cheat.


      1. Yes he may be the most dangerous today. Awareness of him will help dissolve him. Just like a wart. But sadly there are a few lousy men like him, And yes a few women who endorse abuse. There have always been prostitutes and men that must pay for sex. But old sex symbols such as 83yr old bridget bardo confessing that women come on for the job also points out how many climbed the ladder using their sex instead of brains and talent. And with empty headed skanks promoting that we are all placed into that mentality and subject to abuse.


  3. Semantics….. He is very stable, you can count on him to lie, lose his temper, Tweet unedited emotions, sexually harass women, bully people, and lose focus within 5-10 minutes.


  4. Yesterday, and today, the Washington Post has a story (video actually) about Trump’s apparent 50% approval rating. Now, I’m sure that neither I nor any of my friends and relatives were asked in this approval survey so I question the results. From what I heard on Bill Maher’s show, his approval ratings went up (he did not say as high as 50%) because of the tax scam law. How dumb can people be? Unless they only contacted Trump’s fellow 1%-cent-ers, no one else will ultimately benefit from the new tax law.


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