Steve Bannon to Testify Today!

Most of us think Steve Bannon as a scruffy-looking Nerfherder!

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However today he’ll be testifying before the House Intelligence Committee…behind closed doors!  I wonder if he’ll shave before his testimony.  Probably not is my guess.  If he didn’t feel it necessary to shave or put on a suit while working in the White House, I doubt if he’ll clean himself up for his testimony today.  Since he’s no longer working in the White House, and since he was fired from Breitbart News, I feel confident that he’ll have plenty of time to testify without people at work missing him.

Questions that will likely be asked include:

2. Do you have any knowledge that then-candidate Donald Trump was introduced to the Russian attorney and other participants before or after the meeting?

3. Did President Trump ever discuss the Trump Tower meeting or his response to it with you?

4. What information, if any, to you have about possible money laundering involving Trump’s businesses and Russia?

5. Has President Trump talked to you about the possibility that he might fire Mueller?

Bannon is reported to have described Trump Jr.’s behavior as “treasonous.”  Trump suggested in a tweet that Bannon had “lost his mind.”

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People may say a lot of disparaging things about Donald Trump, and they may all be true.  However nobody could dispute the fact that it wasn’t too smart of Trump to disparage Bannon in such an insulting and public way when he was privy to so much confidential information.  If anyone could hurt Trump it would be Bannon.  Imagine the money Bannon could make off a tell-all book about Trump!!!!  Michael Wolff  has already made one million off Fire and Fury and may make over 7 million dollars.  Bannon could make even more.

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10 thoughts on “Steve Bannon to Testify Today!

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  1. I sure hope something concrete comes out of this hearing.

    Have you been following the articles on Daily Mail concerning an interview given by Track Palin’s ex girlfriend? Scary stuff. That young man is really a serious abuser.


    1. Sarah said he doesn’t have “an outlet for his violence.”
      Sarah, darling, its the existence of the aggression in the first place which is the problem. Its release is in transforming it inside, not punching or shooting or yelling.
      (one involves taking responsibility for oneself by looking at the self, the other does not but provides only a temporary relief of the symptom but not the underlying condition (that is EXACTLY THE TEXTBOOK DESCRIPTION OF ADDICTION) Seems as sarah doesn’t even SEE the option of responsibility, we can see where track picked up his moms ignorance and resultant “violence because of no outlet.”(?????????)


      1. And – importantly – Sarah’s “violence because of no outlet” shows us that she is entirely reliant on outside circumstances as a philosophy of life, rather than the real internal causes. She has a mind and heart instructed to NOT look at itself.

        And here’s why: >>>>>SHE MADE AN ERROR IN BELIEVING SHE IS SAVED from something separate and external.
        If she’s gonna blame someone – then BY GOD SARAH GET IT RIGHT – BLAME THE INSTITUTION OF CHRISTIANITY FOR GODS SAKE SARAH – the 2000 Year old ERROR.


  2. Bannon- T minus 11 hours and continuing testimony or test the money or lying or something.

    Now we got to get HRC on the stand again and see if she can beat Bannon’s time.


    1. Ms Malia, since you lawyer and stuff, how much liability does Wasilla face if Palin goes postal because the city refuses to do anything to any Palin for any reason? Can the court be sued as well?


  3. Cue the jaws music. 45’s mind has to be spinning, wondering what Bannon is revealing. The worst thing about it is that the president cannot barge in and ask what Bannon said. 45 is powerless, not a place he likes to be. Expect Tweets coming at warp speed and allover the place. Expect new versions of caps, semantics, grammar, and unknown words.


  4. Bannon comes from a shithole news network…brietbart. He has hung with the worst shitholes on the planet. He has destroyed many good projects. He has followed trump stunts for many year. Let us hope that he set up trump and fully documented it all. It is good that trump is documented to be in excellent health and mental ability. He can stand trial and aid his attorneys in his defense. He has no excuse. He is fit to stand for his charges and trial. Documented.


  5. Regarding the palins. The nasty dirty abuse goes way back long before track was born into this family. Track is a product of the abuse. The exposure of those that covered for it should be the ones questioned under oath. Politicians, family members, police, military, FBI, etc etc have aided and enabled this family. We the people of the usa became mostly aware during the McCain/palin fiasco. But several Rumors flew long before. Levy is an example of a current person swept into it besides the track baby mamas. Levy has a story that he could not tell. Thankfully he got free but his son did not. Like the trump children raised by a cheating liar, the same happened in this heath/palin household.


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