I Have a Dream…That Trump, the Racist, Will Not Be Our President in a Year

As we celebrate, and remember MLK Jr.’s speech, let us reflect on the racist who lives at the White House.

The New York Times features a definitive list of Donald Trump’s history of racist conduct and remarks.  Please be sure you know of these.:


3 thoughts on “I Have a Dream…That Trump, the Racist, Will Not Be Our President in a Year

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  1. The whole Hawaii thing smells of trump stunts. I wonder how much laundry money it took to push the wrong button? Trumps behavior before, during and after smells like his other crimes. He is such a disgusting liar I cannot put it past him. He is evil, pure evil. And this thoughtless alarm is something he would do. He is a juvenile and criminal bully.


  2. The insanity of this past year leaves me wondering if it is all scripted, a mix of political reality, Benny Hill, and Monty Python. None of 45’s businesses were divested and the Federal government is stuck paying to use them. The Secret Service has to rent golf carts from the boss.
    The indigenous WWII “Code Talkers” are honored, under a painting of the President who violated treaties and killed hundreds of thousands of their ancestors. On MLK weekend, 45 decides to start ranting about getting rid of Black and Brown people.
    We need to pay attention to 45’s insanity around the end of March and early April. If he manages to offend the Jews before or during Passover, we will know it is a reality show. Kushner might want to leave the country before 45 allows him to be harshly interrogated, convicted, and crucified by the media.


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