Trump Would Rather Be A Racist than Mentally Unfit!

The entire country is talking about Trump’s “shithole” remarks.  White female anchors were moved to tears.

Perhaps Donald Trump believes that the best defense to the Fire and Fury is a good offense.  By referring to shithole countries, Trump has the news stations talking about what a racist he is instead of questioning his mental competency to be President.

“Fire and Fury” ranked No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list for both hardcover sales and combined print and e-book.  The publisher of the best seller is Henry Holt and Co.  The CEO of Henry Holt’s parent company, Macmillan, said “we have never seen a book sell at this rate here at Macmillan.”  Henry Holt & Co., has struggled to keep up with demand for the hardcover book. The company has received orders for more than one million copies.  An independent bookseller in Washington, D.C., sold out of the book less than 20 minutes after its midnight release. Book wholesale distributor Ingram Content Group is also out of stock. 

Trump initially tried to block publication of the book by having his lawyers threaten suit.  That letter was the best advertisement possible for the book.  So many are the questions raised in the book about his suitability for office that Trump was left to declare in a Jan. 6 tweet that he is a “very stable genius.”    Proving what a genius he is, people are no longer talking about how unfit he is, but instead that he is a racist.  He could be removed from office if it is shown heis mentally unfit.  He would not be removed for being a racist.  America knew he was a racist before he was elected.


President Obama has weighed in on the national discussion.  Obama explained that the most important job of the President  is shaping attitudes, shaping culture, and increasing awareness.  For President Trump to make racist remarks is nothing new.  President Trump, who launched his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, was reported to have said that all Haitians “have AIDS” and that Nigerians “live in huts.” When he said during the campaign that US Judge Gonzalo Curiel should recuse himself from the Trump University lawsuit because of his Mexican background, Speaker Paul Ryan called it the “textbook definition of a racist comment.” Trump’s comments about Muslims in the US and around the world, perpetually painting them as a dangerous and hostile population, are well documented and incontrovertible.

Trump has repeatedly made disparaging comments about women, including Rosie O’Donnell, Megan Kelly, Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina and Mika Berzezinski. His refusal to come down hard against the Nazis in Charlottesville — saying that “both sides” were to blame — was in itself a powerful speech act loaded with racial implications, all of which builds on a long and controversial history where he has been accused of racism.
Trump insists on calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” and has gone after football players protesting police violence against African-Americans. Soon after Puerto Ricans suffered through a devastating hurricane, his instincts led him to tweet out that the inhabitants “want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort.”
Last August, Trump retweeted a meme showing him “eclipsing” former President Obama, with  anti-Semitic remarks. This, from a person who made his national political name by challenging the birthplace of the first African-American President, did not sit well with many people.
As David Leonhardt argued in the New York Times in his troubling catalog of the President’s long history with racism, “He has retweeted white nationalists without apology. He frequently criticizes prominent African Americans for being unpatriotic, ungrateful and disrespectful. He called some of those who marched alongside white supremacists in Charlottesville last August ‘very fine people.’ He is quick to highlight crimes committed by dark-skinned people, sometimes exaggerating or lying about it.”
The hope was that presidents would elevate our national discourse, not debase it
Part of the job of being president, and particularly of being a good one, is to remain deliberative and to act with extraordinary caution based on the realization that every statement can trigger massive consequences, some even deadly. Most presidents know this upon taking the job and the rest learn it very quickly as they confront the realities of governance.  Either Trump never learned that, he doesn’t care, or he made the “shithole” comments as a way to change the national dialogue from whether he was mentally unfit to a discussion about whether he is a racist.
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7 thoughts on “Trump Would Rather Be A Racist than Mentally Unfit!

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  1. What the ignorati (with foreign assistance) have elected is a monster. Frightened ‘conservatives’ need an authority in charge and that is what he aspires to be.. Conservatism is an attribute of frightened sociopathic personalities who place their trust in a higher authority whether imagined or not.. Evangelicals fall into this group. Basically the primitives in this country got their man(child) elected. It won’t matter if Trump makes their lives more miserable. They will absolve him and look for another authority.They are the folks who are incapable of critical thought. They believe in stone age mythology and are probably the biggest hypocrites in the world..


  2. Putin really got his money’s worth. He wanted chaos and 45 delivered. We can’t tell if he’s lost his mind or really clever at redirecting attention. Based on his vocabulary and resistance to reading and listening, you have to think he has some form of ADHD mixed with poor impulse control. He doesn’t plan diversions, he can’t stop using irrational, caustic replies to whatever floats into his current realm of attention. He’s a monkey with a fire hose and no one can find the wrench to shut it off.


  3. Hi Malia –

    Well…….here we are with another totally insane week behind us. As time goes by I can still not absorb the sickness that our wonderful country is expected to endure – day after day. So few Repubs have the courage to deal with this. It does seem, though, the Dems are at the point where they realize it is all on them them to somehow right this rickety ship. I hope we can all stay sane. Very disheartening.


  4. I cant see that the economy is so great. It feels like a thin body of ice and with any weight it will crack. Cost of living does not meet with the wages. Basic utilities are always going up. Cost of food is up. Cost of basic healthcare has gone up. It is a fragile economy. American corporations are leaving the usa. Many stores closing. Nothing feels good with a rigger and liar that represents America.


  5. The entire republican party is over. The shithole in charge and face of the republican party, Donald John Trump have put the final nail in their coffin. The entire Republican Party committed Treason and Espionage. The corporations that enabled and aided in this ultimate crime are finished. Those that bowed to this hateful criminal are as bad as the criminal. 10% of the population may have voted legit for this shithole but 90% did not. You do not win by rig, lies and cheat.


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