Jimmy Kimmel on Trump’s 2000 Lies

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  1. Let’s grab the bull by the tail and face the situation. No one can change 45, make him stop lying. It’s time to target his enablers.
    Who are the GOP “lying by omission” candidates? These would be the people in the room who refuse to answer reporters or say they don’t remember, the Jeff Sessions response team. Who are the GOP candidates that remain silent and passive whenever there should voices pointing out 45’s lies and destructive behavior? These are the “part of the problem” candidates. “Problem” candidates include those who act offended but still support 45 as a leader.

    That quiet voice we will start hearing on attack ads needs to cite these candidates and list the lies and actions they seemingly support. Take the most egregious offenses, and if there was no comment, or no recall, list them as supporting 45 on the issue. Start with pussy grabbing. Who remained silent? Who can’t recall hearing the interview? My outgoing rep, Senator Portman, criticized the statement, but still supported 45’s candidacy. So he falls under “part of the problem.”

    We need a response from the GOP on this question. What level of criminality does it take for you to withdraw your support for a candidate or office holder? Racism, sexism, child molesting, spousal abuse, religious persecution, and paying off hookers seem to be far below the GOP line in the sand.


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