Trevor Noah’s Flabbergasted at Trump’s Shit-hole Remarks

5 thoughts on “Trevor Noah’s Flabbergasted at Trump’s Shit-hole Remarks

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  1. Paul Ryan’s wife – if she has any hair on her balls – should leave him for not standing up for the country once and for all.
    Now the story of $130k hooker hush money in 2016 for a prostitute? Melania will be wearing Two pair of sunglasses now, what the hell is she to tell Barron about his dad, Jesus H Christ???? That woman needs to grab her heels and son, call Uber, and get the hell out of there.
    This country has never had an asshole like trump. Melania, leave him.
    Has a first lady ever left her man while in office. Strap on your balls melania.


  2. Not being judgmental, we all have our own personal style as far as residence. I’m just wondering if 45 has ever visited the neighborhoods of his supporters, the less affluent ones. These would be the folks Jeff Foxworthy describes. It is time to start a new blog along the lines of “People of Walmart.” We need to hit the road and film or photograph American shitholes occupied by 45’s supporters. Get a good view of the Third World landscaping and include the “Trump” or MAGA posters and bumper stickers.

    Best example is the Halle Berry line in “Swordfish” in Hugh Jackman’s trailer, “Been here five minutes and already feel sorry for myself.


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