Mass Exodus from White House

From the moment Trump took office people have run as far away from him, as fast as they could.

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Rachel Maddow has been compiling a list of departures from the White House that is as long as it is colorful.

She compared people running from the Trump White House to people running away from the Blob.

The The Wall Street Journal reported that 34 percent of senior officials in the White House have quit, been fired, or been reassigned during Trump’s first year in office—more than double the figure for the most volatile administration in history.

What distinguishes the departing figures, beyond their number, is how many of them departed under a cloud of scandal.  The departures are an indication of lack of continuity.  The departures are even more problematic because so many positions were never filled.  More than one-third of posts included in a Washington Post-Parternship for Public Service tally haven’t even had a nominee.  Departures have been the result of chaos, conflict, and anxiety.

Pictures like this one remind us of the turnover that has punctuated Trump’s first year in office.

Donald Trump and advisers in January 2016.
As more people leave on this first year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, we might compare the exodus to iguanas running from snakes.
“It’s been a year, but doesn’t it feel like a decade?” a senior administration official said.
Several of Trump’s top advisers are still weighing whether to leave the administration at the one-year mark. Others appear likely to depart in the coming weeks.
Two of the most senior officials who are on the potential departure list are Don McGahn, the White House counsel, and HR McMaster, the national security adviser. The President, like with many of his advisers, has aired frustrations openly with both men. As the Russia probe strengthens in intensity, it is likely that anyone on the fence will surely leave.
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3 thoughts on “Mass Exodus from White House

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  1. It will be justice when all of their arrest bookings photos and intake photos are lit up. But where is our sara? We know that todd and her helped promote this treason in 08..Poor McCain really had a hard time with it. He seemed thankful that he lost. And America was too.. Its too bad he was blackmailed and bribed to put her on the ballot or else.


  2. Malia, do not fear. The Federal government will not crumble. One of the things a Fed learns if she/he interacts with the folks in D.C. is that the Federal government is a headless horseman. The departments are far removed from the heads and basically run on their own. The managers in D.C. are generally clueless because the headquarters (HQ) people tell them everything is running fine. The HQ people need to look good to get promoted and pick up bonuses.

    45 has made a great argument for purging all of the upper level management. He installed totally unqualified people in all of the departments. He offers no specifics, no procedures, no logical explanation of the background with his work orders. No detailed work assignments get sent out to the workers. He also created the chaotic mess of transitions cited in the post.
    The agencies continue to function without the managers in D.C.. Those HQ positions have the highest salaries and most benefits of all Fed jobs. They appear to be a waste of taxpayer money.


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