The Stable Genius Forgets the National Anthem

Ever forget?  It happened to Ron White.

It also happened to Donald Trump.  Yesterday Trump attended the 2018 NCAA Football National Championship.  During the singing of the national anthem it was quite apparent that he didn’t know, or forgot, the words to the national anthem.  The irony of Trump’s apparent inability to sing the very anthem he claims to champion was not lost on the Internet.


This striking inability to remember the words comes at a particularly bad time for Trump.  Questions about Donald Trump’s mental capacity dominate the news media and are the subject of the national best seller the Fire and Fury. A leading psychiatrist has told congressional Democrats that Trump’s mental health is “unraveling.” Two dozen Democrats have introduced legislation requiring that the president to be examined and removed from office if deemed unfit by a commission of physicians and psychiatrists.

Wolff’s book isn’t the first to raise issues about the President’s mental stability. In their blockbuster book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” published last October, 27 leading psychiatrists evaluated Trump’s mental capacity.  It was their conclusion that  “Anyone as mentally unstable as this man simply should not be entrusted with the life-and-death powers of the presidency.”

The funny thing is this episode comes immediately after declaring himself to be a STABLE GENIUS!


9 thoughts on “The Stable Genius Forgets the National Anthem

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  1. Malia –

    When you take a shower do you ever hope it can wash off all of the political muck? Every single day seems to get more insane. No matter how his minions try to cover for Trump – his behavior is out there for all of the world to see.


  2. You’ll be delighted to hear Drumpf ain’t going anywhere near a phychiatrist for his physical. Snowgrift Snoozie twitted he belted out the anthem.


  3. Everyday since the rigger stole the election I wake up thinking it is a bad dream. I think how could this happen. How can this be ok?


  4. Pretty sure most Salvadoreans and DACA know the anthem, in more than one language. As well as our “Kenyan” “community organizer”.


  5. I wondered what tape Sarah Palin saw of Trump singing at the football game, because she certainly was not standing right next to him. The rest of us saw Trump mouthing a few of the most obvious words and then nothing in between. Frankly I’m not sure if many of us know all of the words to the national anthem. I don’t but then I’m not the president either. I also know that it would be a major embarrassment if anyone were to hear me try to sing the national anthem all, even with the words in front of me. It’s not a tune that all of us folks can belt out well anyway. It’s always amazing how Sarah Palin sees things so differently – as if she were on a different planet . . . .


  6. The media needs to start nailing 45 with the simple specifics of legislation he signs and proposes. Start with the 2018 tax brackets. Destroy the “genius” notion. Retention and memory are key skills of a “genius.” Somehow our “genius” has not retained the words of a song he has allegedly been sining for 70 years.

    Cue up the Russian Federation National Anthem, see if 45 knows the words. We may be dealing with a Manchurian Candidate.


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