Stephen Colbert’s Hysterical Impersonation of Trump


4 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert’s Hysterical Impersonation of Trump

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  1. OT.

    So this is interesting.

    Track’s pretrial is Feb 9.

    $arah speaks on Feb 10 in Texas. (don’t miss the comments section)

    $arah turns 54 Feb 11

    The “governor” has a busy weekend. Will she be able to be with track and still make it to texas on time? Does Alaska airlines remember they gave the “in labor” sarah a similar itinerary a decade ago? What is she doing in Rex Tillersin’s home county? Will Bristol meet her in Denton? Why is it that people will pay $125 to see her, when she doesn’t read, has no curiosity, and therefore can only produce more of the same stupid? Will she bring Trig? Or Jill Hasaddah?

    Palin – spreading hate $125 at a time


  2. I had to do it. I had to watch the response from fox no news and cons this am. Oh was it tough. The spin, the outright lies, the shameful brainwashing of their audience. Seriously, that channel must be removed. It is criminal how they lie and spin the truth!! WTF is wrong with them? Not only fox but we must take a look at all forms of communication that enabled this crime against America. Who are the CEO’s and owners of media that allowed treason? They did not report the truth? They allowed hackers to invade our life through them? There is a silent corrupt communication network that enabled putin and trump to rig the election and continue to harm americans.. Who done it Who did it?


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