Sarah Palin -Your Ignorance is Showing!

Michael Wolff gave this interview to the Today show.  Sarah Palin must have missed this interview, and failed to understand what she was writing about.  He stands by everything written in the book.  

Sarah got her facts wrong when she wrote that the Trump administration actually SUED the publisher.  In fact no suit has been, or ever will, be filed.  Truth is a defense to a defamation suit, so the filing of a suit would simply make it possible to take multiple depositions of multiple people in the Trump White House.  People who might ordinarily lie for Trump might not be willing to lie under oath and subject themselves to charges of perjury.

Sarah also mentioned that Wolff said “I certainly said what was ever necessary to get the story.”  Wolff admitted that he worked to get the real story but may have misled people about his motives to get them to trust him and tell him what they knew.   Sarah assumes that the information provided to Wolff was false.  The truth is that NOBODY has said that anything Wolff reported was untrue.  In fact, to the contrary,   Wolff stands by everything written in the book.  Trump hasn’t disputed a single fact reported, but only access of Wolff to Trump.  However it is clear that Wolff did have access, and Trump and Bannon made that possible.  If Sarah had done even a modicum of homework, or if she’d read my post yesterday, she would know that (1) no suit was ever filed, (2) Wolff did have access to Trump and people who worked for him, and (3) Trump has not denied a single assertion of fact in the book.

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  1. [Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]

    Any idea who that is, Malia? We all know she doesn’t write her own stuff, especially if it’s halfway coherent and/or comprehendible.


  2. Oh heck ladies what do we expect from sarah, like trump she does not read. Even on face the nation old haley barber marble mouth said #$%^&*&^%$ I did not read it nor do I plan to. And that is the standard response from drumpfland. Sara may be worried about her connections to the Russians she sees from her dump and the vacation buddy of Bristol, putins niece or ?


  3. Facts are irrelevant to her. Her entire life is BS and trying to creative a narrative by making stuff up. It only fools the ignorant. She is fundamentally amoral and cares not a whit about honesty.. Morality and honesty never developed in her.


  4. Palin has shown many times that reading comprehension doesn’t seem to be her ”thing.” She probably surfs the internet, scans headlines, finds one that supports her position on a certain matter, and posts something to her Facebook wall, all while forgetting that some of us are not only voracious readers, but we also understand and remember the things we read. Michael Wolff has said quite a few times that he interviewed Trump, and that he had almost unlimited access to WH employees. Trump and others in the WH only became “concerned” about the book’s contents after they discovered it painted them in an unflattering manner. When Trump tweeted he’d never spoken to Wolff, I dismissed it as soon as I read the last word in the tweet because of his well-documented history of lying about as my dearly departed parents would say, “any and everything.”


  5. Hell’s HVAC technicians are ready to crank up the heat for her arrival, and it can’t be soon enough. Father time, hurry up already.

    Satan, sharpen your pitchfork!!!!!!!


    1. Once strapped down to the fiery embers like the unrepentant sinner she is, she will be made to listen to an audiobook of Daddy’s Roommate, on repeat, for all of eternity.


  6. Where did you see her assertions, please?

    It is easy and natural for her to go on the defensive when it comes to a man like Wolff because she HAS been strongly slandered. Innocent, non-public members of her family have been strongly slandered. There are people out there (or a person) who’ve said “Sally heath is a bad mom” which literally no one who knows her would come close to saying because it’s the furthest thing from the truth. There are people out there who’ve said the Palins have never gone on vacation as a family (really, what’s the point of that lie?) There are people who claim Sarah is fake when she is literally the first person whos talked about her human faults and frailties. There are people who’ve falsely stated Sarah was never around her kids when she was always at their school events, conferences, sporting events, even with a busy Governor schedule. This is well documented. And obviously, there are scumbags who spread lies about the paternity of her kid, and call people who aren’t drug addicts addicts. Though those people don’t matter to anyone so she can turn the other cheek.
    Literally days ago, her daughters were discussing things with a cousin and childhood friend and they were perplexed as to how siblings could grow up in the same loving household and have the same good parents yet one (fiercely private, super protective brother Track) develops adult onset issues they’ve never seen before. That convo just happened on facebook days ago.

    Sarah doesn’t deny facts. She called out Cruz for low campaigning.

    But Trump is the last person who should be president.


  7. Could Sarah be an illegitimate child of 45. Both are avid ignorers of books and lengthy (more than one sentence) collections of words.


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