Late Night Reactions to Trump-Bannon Feud!

5 thoughts on “Late Night Reactions to Trump-Bannon Feud!

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  1. Irony: 4 years ago Sarah’s son said he’d fight a terrible person who was verbally abusing his mom and family with lies.

    One thing Track doesn’t tolerate is lowlifes hating on and lying about his family. I feel like that has just built up and because he is justified in being mad, the family hasn’t known how to deal with it.

    Willow and Bristol have talked with a cousin and an old, old friend online stating they don’t understand how kids can have the same good parents and amazing upbringing and one develop issues in adulthood.


    1. Bristol is a violent drunken unemployed slut. So there’s that.

      Willblow is a purplehaired unemployed lesbian who starts brawls, has buggy eyes, a huge forehead, monkey teeth, gaps in her teeth because shes a bitch, and has a smug spoiled mean-spirited smirk that many say makes her look like the c### her older Texan unchristian sister is.


      1. And piper texts while driving her brand new SUV like the average american 16 year old. Where does she get her booze from?? They say she’s always drunk and smokes by the carton.


      2. bue,
        That’s so very sad. While I hoped Piper might survive, it was probably inevitable that Piper would suffer the most from Sarah’s use of her for publicity sake.


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