Todd Palin, Scarface, Used to Promote Sarah

To say that Sarah Palin uses her family to promote herself is an understatement.  From the moment Sarah hit the stage at the Republican Convention, she demonstrated her willingness to use even her own special needs child to gain publicity.

Image result for sarah palin trig 2008 gop convention

Todd was introduced as the “stay at home dad.”  He’s still staying at home but his recent encounter with Track left him bleeding from the head wounds inflicted by Track while Todd was at home.  Now, several days later, Sarah has used a photo of Todd to gain media attention.  Trig has literally taken a back seat to Todd.  It appears the American public is more interested in trauma to the head and face of an old white guy, than a normal looking boy with Down’s syndrome.

Image result for todd palin

The media reports that the photo reveals Todd’s cut on his nose  and bruise to the right eye.  However what is even more obvious is that Todd is wearing a hat, and nobody else in the picture is.  Even more noticeable is that Todd is wearing a soft, stocking cap, which was previously not worn by Todd.  If Track beat his father about the head, Todd may be covering up much more than the injuries to his face.     Sarah has not yet remarked on the beating.

However she is seen in the photo giving a thumb-up sign, as if to show she is proud of Track’s handiwork.

Image result for todd palin

It also appears to me that Todd’s mouth is still recovering from being hit in the mouth.  Compare the lips in the photos above.

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  1. It may be that Sarah actually got track to beat up Todd, in hopes Todd wouldn’t make it. We’ve already seen Sarah pull a stunt like this on Shailey Tripp in Louisiana. Its like Sarah tried having Todd’s prostitute killed, and like she has now tried having Todd himself killed. And willows out-of-state engagement which sarah staged is just a timely geographical decoy.

    The red background color in the photo symbolizes Sarah’s complete contempt toward her father, who abused her, and her mother, who turned a blind eye to the abuse, and to her god of salvation, who hears her plea of self-serving-salvation but keeps telling her she is responsible for her own self and no one else.

    And she can’t stand any of this truth. Especially without pills.


    1. Sarah’s animal aggression is evidenced in the behavior of track and bristol, both of whom absorbed their mother’s traits by becoming violent promiscuous drunks. Is it conceivable in this intragenerational trauma hand-me-down that bristol may attempt to emulate Andrea Yates? Is that why she moved to Texas? Has any texan flagged Child Protective Services?


      1. Dear Kids,
        Sarah is a great example of micro aggressions gone wild.

        (and its not Obamas fault)


      2. Again, nothing you say is true and this is a big reason Bristol’s wise son at understands how fucked up liberals are.


  2. Somehow I think many young and adult kids of republicans will lash out at their republican parents who have involved them in this hateful political crime and scam. I think of huntsman, huckleberry, palin, McCain, and many more. How on earth do these parents justify their stance.


  3. Photos do not lie. Sarah in her hooker outfit holding someone’s LD infant like a bargain bin doll. Barstool standing drunk and barefoot next to her latest urine sample. Now we have the photo of the family that fights together, gun nuts who couldn’t shoot. A fitting tribute to dysfunction, addiction, and grifting.

    Any skilled gun owner could have disabled Track with a properly aimed shot, clean sight lines, to a limb, not near an artery. I can’t wait for another gun post explaining how guns keep us safe.

    (Disclaimer: I have a CCW license issued in Ohio.)


    1. Todd is a skilled hunter. A good father doesn’t hurt his kids or he wouldn’t actually fought back. You know nothing so shut the fuck up. There is not a human on the planet who knows these people who’d call them anything less than good parents.


  4. Sarah doesn’t “promote” her family any more than ANY other politicians do. EVERY candidate has his or her family on stage. Why not? That does NOT justify abusing hers as media and psycho liberals have done. Especially when a ton of lies have been bandied about.Often on this site, despite it being small page on the internet.

    You can write what you want. Track was one of his nephew’s best role models and babysitters when Bristol couldn’t trust or find respect for his father, who is a proven liar in a bad way.


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