NY Attorney General Sues Trump Once Every Three Days; Trump Golfs Every Four Days

When the New York Attorney General sues the President of the United States 100 times during his first year in office, it is hard to appreciate the significance of the sheer number of suits by one state.
NY attorney general has taken action against Trump, GOP 100 times in Trump's first year
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has filed suit against the Trump administration or congressional Republicans 100 times during President Trump‘s first year in office, according to The New York Times.

Schneiderman has sued the administration to block all three of President Trump’s bans on travel and to protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and sued the Federal Communications Commission for its decision to end net neutrality, an Obama-era internet regulation.  Schneiderman explained that his job is to protect New Yorkers from those who would do them harm.  It seems that it is not terrorists that Schneiderman is most worried about, but instead the Federal Government, under Donald Trump is the greatest threat. 

Trump’s average appearance at his own golf clubs is once every 4 days.  At this rate, Trump would golf 362 times in four years, costing taxpayers $42,580,000.  Between the cost of defending suits by the state of New York and the cost of golf, the National debt could be significantly reduced if that money was spent paying off creditors instead of wasting it.

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Consider the number of suits inspired by Trump in all 50 states.  In August the count was 134, but that was 4 months ago.  If we combine lawsuits and playing golf, it appears that every other day during the Trump administration Donald Trump is either playing golf or getting sued.

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3 thoughts on “NY Attorney General Sues Trump Once Every Three Days; Trump Golfs Every Four Days

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  1. The State of New York is the proverbial trump card if 45 thinks he can pardon himself when he is indicted for money laundering, collusion, obstruction, etc.. He cannot pardon himself for charges filed by the State of New York. The AG plans to file charges against 45, basically guaranteeing he will be convicted somewhere.


  2. The republicans have raped the American Taxpayers for years. Today they have allowed a dangerous criminal to waste millions of tax dollars and rape America as they watch and clap.. They have watched in glee and marveled in Americans suffering. This is outrageously criminal and dangerously unhealthy to our country. The harmful stress has caused dangerous levels in our bodies of negative cell growth. Never have we the living American’s witnessed such a harmful individual as Donald trump in our lifetime. He makes us all physically ill..


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