We Pay for Trump to Play Golf, and Pay to Keep from Knowing He’s Playing!

It’s not clear whether Trump is concerned about someone seeing what he looks like in his golf clothes, or whether he simply doesn’t want people to know how often he plays golf.

Image result for trump golf

Regardless of the reason,it appears that taxpayer dollars are being used not only to pay for Trump to play golf, but now we are paying to keep us from knowing that he is playing.

4 thoughts on “We Pay for Trump to Play Golf, and Pay to Keep from Knowing He’s Playing!

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  1. We built the peoples white house and Camp David to work and vacation. The USA taxpayer should not spend one cent for this con to vacation at his resorts.


  2. The media people are too focused on their mission. They should have called every law enforcement number and folded them with call about a possible bomb truck next to the golf course. Think about it! What color trucks have the home grown been using? White generic delivery trucks full of fertilizer or just loaded with weight to mow down pedestrians. Get the various SWAT teams swarming on this truck.

    Other than that, keep showing the blocking tactics we pay for when the orange showboat is not working. He has over 100 trips to his resorts in less than a year and we’re paying for it. Keep the pressure on, run stats on Bush and Obama vacation/resort days. Make 45 see how he’s the worst, the biggest slacker.


  3. President Obama paid for his once a year vacation to Hawaii. It is outrageous that this person runs up the debt and waste taxpayer money while not paying taxes.


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