Track Palin tells Friends: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

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It’s true!  Track Palin will be home for Christmas. …that is unless that’s the day he’ being evaluated for mental health issues.  Track’s been released from jail, but is on”house arrest”.  He has been required to be evaluated for mental illness in the next two weeks.    Other than that, he has to stay at home.  He doesn’t have to decorate a tree or wish anyone a “Merry Christmas” but he does have to stay home.
Track Palin appears in Palmer District Court on Wednesday for a bail hearing related to charges of assault and burglary. (Loren Holmes / ADN)
The judge didn’t indicate why she wanted the mental health evaluation.  Some speculate that the judge suspected that anyone who was a member of the Palin family might have mental health issues.  Others speculate that the judge might have suspected a defective gene in the Palin DNA that makes Palin family members susceptible to being arrested for burglary.
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The good news is that both Diana and Track look good in yellow!

Sarah Palin is relieved that she knows where she can call her son to wish him “Merry Christmas.”

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She doesn’t have to pretend to wish Track “Happy Holidays” and she has great joy that  Todd didn’t shoot Sarah’s first born.

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  1. At this point any one who tries to rationalize his behavior is a total fool. All who have known him from years back know he has always had a problem with violence. Certainly not for me to say what that is all about – but we all know his family has tried to cover it up for years.

    O T – an article I want to bring to your attention. On The Daily Beast – “Donald Trump Just Pulled Off The Greatest Long Con In History”. The author is David Rothkoph.


  2. The fact that no other Palin has problems, and the fact that everyone protective of Track, is indicative that THE biggest problem is the fact that he suffers from media attention. He enjoyed being in the army because 1. his good buddy was with him and 2. he was soldier #3423 and not kid of politician who hates fame.

    And no, no one had a moral right in 2008 to abuse these people with lies, or trash a girl just because she was pregnant. Sarah’s sister wants the media to apologize for calling Bristol bad things that were completely unwarranted, yet very typical of liberal media.


    1. Maria,
      Honey, I am sorry to tell you that you are simply delusional. To act like the “liberal media” is the problem is patently wrong. The Palins SEEK media attention, and the Willow engagement is just one example. They’d have sold the story to People if they were interested in buying it.


  3. Mental health exam? He is an untreated addict in need of recovery, as well as psychospiritual work.


    That’s the exam. Anything less, or anything else, is erroneous.


  4. He needs a beginning counseling session to help him cope with liberal abusers and people who lie about his family. i’ve thought that ever since I learned in 2010 that he used to hide out in a friend’s coffee shop because she’s protect him from stupid people and gawkers. No one is more immoral than people who find joy in abusing the Palins with lies.

    This is a man who selflessly served in the army with a friend (no he was not forced and no it was not army or jail). He’s never had legal issues prior to 2016.

    He needs to learn again how to cope with his abusers (liberals) and learn how to be protective of his sisters when they’re wronged, lied about, etc. It’s admirable he defends them, because all the Palins have been lied about for a decade now,and I understand how proud Sarah is they’re all still this amazing family that will never be broken by shitty people.

    But literally 99% of the anger I guarantee has been built up from dealing with bad people in the media.


  5. Uh oh! Mental health evaluation, looking for the core issues in his addictions? Going back in time to recall the home environment as Track went from toddler to young adult? It could get ugly. If this is an unbiased professional mental health specialist, Sarah will be toast.
    Once the suppressed childhood trauma starts giving Track more flashbacks, he will turn on Sarah and start unloading family secrets. That’s why Sarah was content to let him stay addicted and high.


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