Possible Reasons For Todd’s Ear Discharge–Medical Emergency

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Track beat up his father.  Todd was reported to have a bloodied face and discharge coming from his ear.  Discharge from the ear, after a beating to the head is no laughing matter.  It could indicate a skull fracture, or another type of head injury which might require urgent medical attention.

Certainly the rage exhibited by Track towards his father seems to be inconsistent with the decision not to allow Track to drive the truck.  It seems that must be another dynamic at play and the previous hospitalization of Todd seems more consistent with being beaten up rather than a snow-mobile accident.

It was Jan of 2016 when Track beat his girlfriend, the mother of his second child.  It was just two months later when Todd had his mysterious “snowmobile” accident that put him in the hospital with 8 broken ribs.  His injuries also included ,  broken shoulder blade, broken clavicle, knee/leg injuries; and a collapsed lung.”  However it was the mysterious discovery of Todd in a parking lot that made me question the Palin’s report of the cause of Todd’s injuries.  I questioned the injuries then, which seemed more consistent with being beaten up.  However it never occurred to me that it was Track who may have beaten up his father.

The fact that the police noted the discharge from Todd’s ear is a clear indication that they were concerned about a possible skull fracture .

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  1. I’m an Advanced Life Support EMT with a rural Virginia volunteer rescue squad. Fluid discharge from one or both ears after a head injury is serious, possibly life-threatening. It’s an indicator of possible cerebral injury.

    Our protocols direct immediate transport to hospital with CT scan capability, even if it means helicopter transport.


  2. Todd was in a snowmachine wreck. He and Sarah’s friend was trying to help find the person who found Todd on trail. Please stop adding lies.

    They never ever expected this would happen and everyone is shocked. It was 2 months ago that Todd, Sarah and Track were racing ATVs in Mexico and just after that Track was with a girlfriend hunting caribou.

    The positive thing to me is, the bad instances are few and far between, that he can be a stable member of society and he has always maintained employment and owns his own home which isn’t easy these days, esp with one income.


    1. Maria,
      You are delusional if you don’t find it unsettling that any son beat up his father, that the father drew a gun on the son, and that he soon beat his dad so badly that he had fluid coming out of his ear!!!!!


  3. Malia – Maybe this will be a wake up call for the Wasilla loon and the Toad to invest in family counseling. This time Palin can’t claim it was an “accident”. Toad saw the conflict with his son coming and armed himself with a gun! They are lucky no one ended up in the morgue! The Palins, the Palin extended family, including the baby mommas, need to prepare themselves because Track is now out of jail. Hopefully this won’t end in a tragedy! .

    P.S. To divert attention away form Track, Sarah posted a photo on her Instagram account @SarahPalin97 of Willow at Rockefeller Center in NY with her boyfriend where they announced their engagement. Sarah also included a photo of the ring.


  4. Sarah Palin’s desperation and denial has dropped to an all time low. In a desperate effort to divert attention from her son’s drug and alcohol fueled weekend attempted assassination of his father – her husband – she has tried to upstage the “lion in the living room” just like she did in 2008 on the RNC stage, when she dragged her kids center stage because she had no credentials for the spotlight.

    This time, she is throwing all her weight into playing the Willow card , as in, “Willow’s Getting Married! No one pay attention to the bomb that my other son detonated in the house 72hrs ago, but hey look over here at my purple haired daughter who god loves so much!!”

    Sarah will stop at nothing to avoid looking in the mirror.

    The timing of the engagement – if it happened at all – is highly unlikely. Besides, Willow is allegedly a lesbian.

    We are all looking at you through your front window not looking at yourself sarah.


  5. Gotta wonder what kind of lies Sarah might haver been feeding Track to amp up the anger towards his dad. Todd raised him, and it’s probably not his son. Sarah’s trying for a coroner divorce, have the spouse killed by someone else.


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